Monday, June 22, 2009

Let me introduce myself

Can't say I really thought I would start a blog; but, recent events have compelled me to do so. Mostly, my total inability to continue with my writing. Yes, I am a writer, just not a very good one at the moment. It's not writer's block or anything so cliche as that, or at least I don't want it to be as cliche as writer's block; but, I am just having some issues with getting the words out of my head and onto my computer screen. So for some reason, I thought, why not start a blog?? Yes, it is a simple as that. And perhaps, as stupid as that. I guess somewhere in the far recesses of my brain I'm thinking that if I write a blog, that should be considered writing, right? I'm sure some jerk will prove me wrong; but, whatever, I like pissing people off!

So I think for now, I will use this space as my place to write my observations of the world we live in gained from the sometimes ridiculous situations I find myself in. So for those of you reading, if you have any ideas for topics send them my way, and I will be happy to give you my perspective on the topic. I certainly love giving my opinion on things....

That all being said, I'm going back up to the beginning, the creation of the blog. When you start up a blog they (as in Google) make you pick a name for it immediately. This of course would not be a problem if "Adventures in AndreaLand" had not already been taken! I know, another Andrea out there in the blogsphere (or whatever they call it) with the same great taste as me. I guess it is not so hard to believe after all, as all Andreas are cool. I honestly have not met an Andrea I didn't like. Anyways, the dream is over and I picked "misadventure, musings & rants", I'm sure those that know me, know this is a fitting title.

Bye for now & thanks for reading,



  1. You are awesome. That really says it all.

  2. Very entertaining! It's like having you here with me in Qatar.