Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Novel Writing Month - week one comes to a close

Yes it is November Novel Writing Month, and yes I have made the insane commitment to write 50,000 words in 30 days. How are things going you ask, well I am now at just over 9,000 words, which is a bit below my daily quota of 1,666 words.

The first week has been quite gratifying, 9,000 words in 7 days is quite the accomplishment in itself. I have no doubt in my mind that I will reach the 50,000 word mark. I have a 19 chapter novel to complete and I'm just about to wrap up chapter one. I started with an outline of all 19 chapters, and already my writing mind has taken me to places I never thought it would.

But that is the best part of writing fiction. The weird and wonderful things that reveal themselves in the process, especially if you are open to letting it. I kind of think of the writer as the archeologist, as you write your story and dig through the earth you find all sorts of treasures. I'm finding out all sorts of interesting things about my characters, more than any character bio would give me.

That being said, the fact that I am writing this blog entry when I should be writing the novel tells us another fun fact about writing - procrastination. Funny how when you sit down to write the need to clean the dishes or bathroom seems like something you need to do immediately. Hey, at least I'm getting my condo clean!

Some fun things I have whipped up in order to procrastinate from writing the novel:
1. Start writing a pulpy detective story with my sister - why focus on just one novel a month when I can do two; unfortunately the second novel cannot go towards boosting my word count.

2. Photography - yes this is an ongoing project for me, but funny how this month the need to hike out to the inner harbor in the middle of the night to take night shots of the parliament buildings seems like a must do.

3. Post a blog entry - doing that right now.

4. Emailing people my blog address - it feels super important for me to make sure that everyone in my email list adds my blog to their favourites - or at least becomes a follower - I have two now, let's see if I can get one more by the end of the month - victory is mine!

5. Brainstorm ideas for my screenplay - April is script writing month - 100 pages of screenplay in one month - apparently I like crazy deadlines...

Okay time to go back to writing the novel, I still have three hours left to meet my quota!

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  1. Woohoo! 9,000 words.
    Now stop reading this and write, write!