Saturday, May 21, 2011

It has been a long time coming...

Hello fellow readers,
I know it has been awhile since I've touched this blog but I'm back after many requests from my readers to post something. I'm going to avoid a blog post explaining my lack of presence from the blogsphere and leave you instead with the following statement: the last while has been emotionally draining for me on many levels it made it nearly impossible to write anything, let alone one of my awesome blogs. One day I may write about it but for now let's just leave it at that.

Now for some awesomeness... It's a poem! I know you may be a bit surprised that I write poetry, but I do if only to get the creative juices flowing for novel writing. So don't hold it against me. Enjoy!

The taste of Caturra

Your smell makes me dream of jazz music

sweat in my hair

heat in my face

Above, women lounge on terraces

smoking cigarettes slotted in black plastic holders

silver cases nest beautifully atop bistro tables

planted between glass
steams of cocktail goblets

Below, waves lap against rocks formed from the sea

we sit on a bench made from a cut down tree

we're drinking quarts of beer we bought from the store

which costs the change you throw to the poor

living in concrete houses

We spit on, and dogs pee on

Here we drink like great philosophers

speaking of the better world we've created in our mind's eye

the flesh is plagued with thoughts of the steep road ahead

reluctantly we hike back home along the stoney path

how much nicer it would be to sleep with you

in the warmth of the earth

under a blanket of stars

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