Sunday, October 21, 2012

The latest and greatest...poem!

So last week I accompanied a friend to a book launch. Usually I try to keep my expectations low for these types of outings as you just don't know what to expect and past experience has taught me that nothing good comes comes from it. But this time I was pleasantly surprised, not only were both authors who were reading were from Winnipeg :) but I got inspired. I went home and wrote three poems. Over the next 24 hours I edited the hell out of one of them and now feel it has reached the point of being blog worthy! Yes, lucky readers you are in for a treat :) If you don't like it you can blame Steve Nowles (as he was the one reading that night!).

A Burial at Sea

The memory of you has scarred my mind.
Throwing me against walls,
Grinding into me.
Tearing holes in my flesh,
Pounding me from above.

I disintegrate from your ravenous touch,
Lose control under the vigor of your desire.
Starved for affection,
You suffocate me with your lust filled rage.

An attraction never fully satisfied,
Never fully realized.

Love out of desperation
Hopeless with your situation
I move away, you draw closer
I open, you close
I grow, you hide
I am freedom, you, stagnation.

Two ships.
Different oceans.
I brought my life preserver, I’m sorry you forgot yours.

~ AK Gregg, October 16, 2012

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