Sunday, September 15, 2013

Welcome to Andrea Version 2.0

Hello my lovely readers,

It has been awhile since I last wrote in this blog and I feel an obligation to explain to you my absence in the blogosphere. So without boring you all with the minute details of my life over the past couple of years, I will simply say some improvements have been made. I have been upgraded. So think of the posts before this one as being written by Andrea Version 1.0. and everything from this point forward as being written by Andrea Version 2.0.

What improvements have been made you ask? Lots! Some I will write about in future posts and some I will not share. However, what I can do for you right now is share with you the most significant improvement. Remember when my favourite sport was drinking? Yeah, well now it's running. I know right? That is one huge motherfucking improvement!

To be honest, running did not just replace drinking but a whole host of things; basically, running has infiltrated my life. For example (and to the annoyance of the non-runners around me), all I seem to do now with my time is think about running, talk about running, prepare for running, read about running and of course, engage in the act of running.  The one possible exception is work although I’m not entirely surprised that the people I have bonded with lately at work are runners and guess what? We talk a lot about running. Sometimes we even run together.

Also work is kind of like preparing for running in the sense I get a pay cheque, which helps support my endless need for running shoes. Actually preparing for running encompasses a lot of things, most importantly eating and sleeping. And as such my new hobbies include cooking and baking because I’m obsessed with trying to make the best run fuel ever!

So because of this focus on running most of the people I hang around are runners, expect for my token non-runner friend Natasha- who I still love despite the fact she is not a runner :-) At first I thought being around runners meant I could talk only about running, turns out that is not entirely true. Apparently my runner friends have other interests (yeah I was shocked too!) and this reality has made me ponder what interests did I have before I started running…

And the answer of said existential questioning of my life has a very similar thought trajectory as when I questioned how I survived before my iPhone. It’s crazy making that I have seriously no idea how I organized my life before the iPhone; however, I can still get lost with a GPS, so some things will never change.  But back to the point at hand, what the heck did I do before I ran?

It is interesting (and kind of freeing) that the lack of memories before I ran, has kind of given me a clean slate. It’s like starting over. Of course, it’s not that I don’t actually remember life before running (I have this blog to remind me and recollections from people who have known me longer than 2 years) it’s that I don’t care to remember how I existed before.  There is no point to living in the past when I have running in my present and because of that my life is feeling pretty awesome right about now.

How’s that for living in the moment?

Ok, to be serious now, one important thing I used to enjoy, and still do enjoy, I just haven’t made much time for it lately, is writing. And I don’t see why I cannot combine my love for running with my love of writing. So I’m making it official, the union between writing and running will be made and I will share my run journey with you lovely readers through this blog.

I’m glad to be back because I have missed you all :)



Running and writing together at last :)

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