Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13: The 5 truths I learned on my run today

So this morning around 9am I went for my run.

This was the prescribed workout for today:  

: 20' easy + 5 x 1' at 5:15(ish) pace [1' easy] + 15' easy

I'm just going to say that I was so tired going into this run for a variety of reasons that I didn't feel very optimistic about reaching the 5:15(ish) pace my Coach wanted me to aim for.

Started my run off way too fast.

Truth #1: I still need to work on starting off slow.

My easy pace is supposed to be around 6-6:15 min/km. I clocked my first km at 5:45 and that was even with me stopping to take off my jacket because I was too hot. No shit I was hot I was running at a ridiculous pace to even possibly be considered my easy pace right now. It saddens me a bit to think that last year this time this would have been my easy pace...but I'm going to stay positive knowing that I will get back there eventually.

Truth #2: I can be positive if I remember to put my mind to it.

When I got to the speed portion of this run all I can say is I hope 5:15(ish) can be interpreted as somewhere between 4:45 and 5min because that's what I did. I was kind of surprised that I ran as fast as I did because I felt tired the whole time. And it was a type of tired where I thought my speed would be decreasing over the workout but in fact it actually increased. 

Truth #3: When I'm tired I am not very good at gauging my pace.

Somewhere during the speed portion of this run my plantar fasciitis flared up.  It flared up so bad that after the speed part I decided to walk a bit. I decided to take a stroll through Ross Bay Cemetery. I really like it in there. The smell of pine needles were really pungent today and it almost felt like I was off in the woods somewhere instead of smack dab in the middle of Victoria. It also helped take my focus off the pain in my foot as I focused instead on the beauty of my surroundings.

Truth #4: I'm getting better at being able to be in the moment.

The rest of my run felt alright but man do I produce a lot of mucus! It was a bit less mucus today than previous days and I was moderately successful at spitting some of the mucus out of me; both of which are wins if you are me. If you run with me you know about the mucus. I tell everyone about the mucus.

Truth #5: Neti Pot twice a day actually does help in reducing my mucus.


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