Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14: December 14th - A history of war, natural disasters, alliances, invasions…Happy Birthday Mum!

Yes, today is my mum’s birthday. So before you get all on my ass about how I should be spending the day with her instead of writing in my blog consider these two points. First, of course I’m going to write in my blog, there is a competition underway and I’m going to win! And second, my mum isn’t even in the same country as me right now so I can’t hang out with her.

My parents embarked on their annual pilgrimage to warmer surroundings at the beginning of December and won’t be back until the sun decides to grace us with its presence again in the spring. And I will have you know that I gave my mum a birthday card before she left and sent her a birthday text message today with birthday cakes, balloons, hearts and smiley face emojicons, so there.

Also I’m mentioning her in my blog and am kind of writing this very post about her birthday so that is kind of the best present anyone could hope for really. So if anything she should be honored to be one of the central figures of this post and you should be ashamed for suggesting I don’t love my mum enough to even acknowledge her on her birthday!

If history truly is the final judge of us, then this is what I think will be said about my mum. She was either a very lucky woman or a very patient woman, after all she did have me to raise. Personally I would say she was lucky, others would say patient (but only if they don’t believe patience is a genetic trait) and others think this is a trick question. Even though this is not actually a question I’m merely just thinking about my mum and subsequently writing such musings down into this post (do I need to direct your attention to the title of this blog again??!!).

Anyways, as I was thinking of my mum and history, the thought process went something like this:
·      It’s mum’s birthday today
·      I wonder why she hasn’t replied to my text message yet
·      Probably because she is out getting drunk somewhere, I mean it is her birthday after all, and don’t normal people get drunk and stuff on their birthdays
·      Yes that’s it, she is too drunk to reply to me right now
·      How many more days do I have to write posts for, it’s December 14…
·      Wow, math feels super overwhelming right now
·      I wonder what other crazy shit happened on this day in history?!

So naturally, I turned to Google and searched December 14. Found the Wikipedia entry (of course!). And guess what? As I suspected a bunch of crazy shit did happen on this day in history.

For example, lots of significant milestones in the history of war happened, such as, the French Invasion of Russia ended. Napoleon had led that effort and he was crazy, some would argue. Also, there seemed to be lots of events that were the consequences of being involved in war, such as Russia getting tossed out of The League of Nations because they invaded Finland.

Yeah I found it interesting too that Russia was mentioned a lot on December 14th throughout history.

However, some other stuff happened that resulted in the deaths of a lot of people but didn’t have to do with Russia. Unless of course you believe in communist conspiracy theories then maybe these next events were caused by Russia: earthquakes, floods, bursting dams, and torrential rains.

I always find it fascinating that the majority of our history centers on death and yet people seem surprised of all the violence that goes on in our society. Seriously though, perhaps the first step to a more peaceful existence would be for us to remember something other than the mass killings of people either through natural or unnatural means. Just saying.

The other interesting thing was as I went through the list of events that happened on December 14th I only remembered two of them. What can I say, I’m not really a history person, as in I suck at remembering dates. So much in fact, I have actually forgotten my birthday. True story.

Anyways, in 2008, this was the day Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at then President Bush during a press conference. Remember that? That was awesome. Remember the cute little video game it inspired where every time you threw your shoes at George W and an audio clip of al-Zaidi would play (translated into English apparently he says “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog”). One of the few events that made me smile during all that bullshit.

The other event I remembered is not so smile worthy. It happened last year. It was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Just depressing really, actually would have liked to forget that one. Although, it does kind of back up my point previously that violence begets violence. But I will spare us of any more talk on that in this post after all Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine said it best. Also, and most importantly, it’s my mum’s birthday! This post really should contain lighter subject matter.

Just received a text from my mother. Turns out she was not out getting drunk somewhere. She was at the spa. That was my other guess. She is also having a very lovely birthday and I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that she is not spending it with me. Or reading this post but just in case she is: Happy Birthday Mum!! Hope your day is free of shoes to the head and tragedy!!

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