Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 16: WTF Homeland?

Six weeks ago I came across the show Homeland. If you have been living under a rock (such as myself) and have never heard of this show, it is basically a political thriller about the CIA. And very popular, so I've been told.

The show just finished its third season (season finale was yesterday) and what a fucking let down. In the show's defense I don't know how it could have gone any other way. Let me explain. Spoiler alert just in case you are wondering.

Season one starts with Brody, a marine who has been a POW the past 8 years returning home to America. Of course as a war hero. Carrie (played amazingly by Claire Daines) is a CIA operative who believes Brody has been turned and goes above and beyond to prove it (as in does a bunch of illegal shit to prove she is right). The only other person worth mentioning in first season is Saul, basically serves as Carrie's mentor. And you have no idea whose side that guy's on. First season was crazy awesome heavy emphasis on the crazy. Actually the crazy stays the whole way through. But I digress...

When I first started the show I just didn't know what to think, is this pro-America bullshit or something critical of that. I've decided over the course of the three seasons it is just apolitical. I think you could make a case either way, but you would be stretching it, the show is very ambiguous that way. So I gave up trying to figure it out and tried to just enjoy the show for what it is, an excellent political thriller.

So the first season you are seriously trying to figure out if Carrie is right, is Brody a terrorist or is Carrie just crazy. Oh and just to make it extra complicated, Brody picked up the Muslim faith while he was overseas (OMG! He is so a terrorist right??!!) and Carrie, well she is just bipolar (OMG!! She is so crazy!!!). And guess what? She is off her meds!! (OMG!! She is totally crazy!!! Brody is so not a terrorist!). Interesting that we tend to think in dichotomies, when really both could be right.

Kudos to the writers of the first season, there was nothing that happened that I could have predicted up until the very end. And I'm just going to say that it is impossible to sit still for that finale episode! You are so full of anxiety over what is happening. It is fucking nuts. It was brilliant really. And it left me pissed off at the end. And I was pissed off for days about it!! Which is great too because if your show can evoke that kind of response out of me, then it is pretty damn good, usually I just don't care.

And speaking of not caring. That was exactly how I felt with the season three finale. Wow, I so didn't care anymore about these characters. One of them dies and I'm like meh, whatever. So anti-climatic. I would have been ok with the humdrum of this episode if it was just tying up lose ends because it was the series finale. But that's not the case, it is coming back for season four! I know why because it is popular and people like it! And apparently when people like something that means producers throw all logic out the window.

Because let's face it. I was impressed they made it into season three with some semblance of believability. Because seriously people, Brody should have been so killed off last season! For reals! But no he lived, which I can only assume was to play a love interest to Carrie. And what a strange and interesting relationship they had, so I guess it was kind of worth keeping him alive awhile longer to see how that played out. I'm still not sure what happened there.

So season three ends with a very pregnant Carrie (carrying Brody's child) and some serious societal pressure for her to keep the baby and still work. Sound familiar moms of the world??!! In fact everyone seemed to be so offended that Carrie might give up the baby for adoption I was laughing. I was like seriously?? This woman lies and plots to kill people for a living but her giving up a baby for adoption that is the offensive part? And I think maybe that is the brilliance of this show.

The show depicts a very ridiculous side of human nature in a very intelligent way.  The show basically shows us the propaganda we believe in order to live with ourselves. Whether we believe killing is alright when it is in the context of national security or the most meaningful thing a woman will ever do is raise a baby of her own-it's all bullshit. We just believe what we do so we can keep living. Although I'm not sure what we are living for is worth saving. And that's why I say WTF.

And yes I will watch season four.

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