Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 19: blogging on the run

10:16am - downloaded google's blogger app to test run blogging on the go

10:17am - at bubby's kitchen for breakfast w my friend Julia - she took the picture (I swear I have real friends not just friends on twitter )
11:10am - yum! Just finished breakfast. Don't think I've ever had a bad meal at bubby's :) would have taken a picture but ate it too quickly! 

12:05pm - dropped by art world for some sketching supplies - need to sketch those running dresses somewhere! 

12:22pm - hanging out at Macchiato waiting for my friend Nancy and her partner Jim - going to celebrate Xmas w/ some coffee 
Macchiato at the Juliet is one of my favourite cafes - ambiance is European - chic and chilled and the americanos are made to perfection by the baristas. 

12:26pm - the photo function on this app is not the most user friendly and no way that I can see to make captions! 

4:02 pm - still at work 
I have a lot of cleaning up to do!

5:30pm - hanging at serious coffee and doing some serious catching up w my friend Maria :) 

6:35pm - Photo bombing at serious coffee! 

6:43pm - Maria is going to teach me how to knit! 

6:49pm - just realized this is the first year that Xmas music hasn't made me want to scrape my ear drums out w an ice cream scoop - cool - I'm sure somewhere in the world that is considered an indicator of above average 
mental health status 

7:28pm - the scarf is two rows in! 

7:38pm - Prima Strada for dinner! 

I will have one of everything please! 

8:28pm - I could get my pizza any time now! #justsaying 

8:31pm - it's like they read my mind!! 

9:00pm - food coma

Day = success 
Blogger app = acceptable 

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