Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21: How I spend my time on the shortest day of the year

Well it's the first day of winter. This year it falls on a Saturday. Typically this time of year is full of xmas parties and drinking. Well I don't do the latter but I am committed to being social with my friends and family this year because who knows if I will be around for another. I don't mean to be morbid, I mean to be philosophical! I'm just saying when given the chance to show people what they mean to me, I take it because you just don't know when you will be dead. No one knows, so calm down.

So what have I been getting up to today.

5am - woke up to eat breakfast (I need to eat 3 hours before a run in order to digest my food. Yes, one of the downfalls of having slow digestion.)

7:30am - alarm went off. Check text messages to see if Kim (run buddy for today's run) has cancelled and I can go back to bed. She hasn't so I text her, just in case she is meaning to cancel but hasn't gotten around to sending me a text message yet. She's going. I'm up.

8am - outside waiting to start the run. Trying not to take personally this one guy's opinion of me and what I'm doing wrong regarding my plantar fasciitis. He seems to know who I am (I have no idea who he is) but he doesn't know me well otherwise he would know that I have already over analysed the fuck out of my plantar fasciitis. And I have a coach who is way more qualified than anyone, even me, to make decisions about whether or not I should be running. So really this dude needs to shut the fuck up and read my blog already so he knows what he is dealing with.

9am - 50 minutes into my 90 minute run. Just scored a x-mas dinner invite from Kim! I can almost taste the turkey. :)

9:15am - realize the reason that guy pissed me off earlier was because he reminds me of me! Damn that guy for reminding me of all the things I hate about myself!!!

9:40am - run done, now it is social coffee time. Meet other runners at Dolce Vita Coffee Art on Yates. Eat ALL the gingerbread men provided by Judi! Love Judi!

Is this the proper way to chop mushrooms?
10:15am - head home, have shower and go to bed.

12:30pm - wake up from nap and remember I still need to send my Coach my run journal from the week.

2:20pm - Coach beats me to it, emails me next week's schedule.

3:10pm - just finished a back and forth email exchange with my Coach. I'm pretty sure he is happy to be having some holiday time away from my neurotic ass, and would like me to start overcompensating more for my personality by baking him cupcakes.

3:19pm - Just heard from my friend Natasha, she is on her way over to make food with me. We are going to bring food to Erikk and his girlfriend's open house. The plan is to hang out there for a bit then head over to Bard and Banker to meet up with Chris and his crew. Should be an interesting night.

4:14pm - We are making a mushroom quiche. I tried to help by chopping the mushrooms but Natasha said it was ok...
Look what I (Natasha) made!

4:36pm - Natasha tells me that I was supposed to be paying attention to see if she has been following the recipe... So we may be stopping by the Market on Yates to pick up a quiche for the party.

5:28pm - quiche is done! Time to let it cool and head over to Erikk's!

6:04pm - arrive at Erikk's and he doesn't kick me out! Success :) 
Me and Santa hanging out at the tree!

Me hanging w Erikk and Meaghen! 

6:58pm - made a serious dent in the food 

7:39pm - finished my Xmas poem (my gift to Erikk and Meaghen) 

7:44pm - Meaghen and Erikk read my gift to them 

7:53pm - Meaghan and Erikk kick me out

8:33pm - arrive at Bard & Banker to see Chris and his crew 

8:47pm - Chris and I pose for a photo op; the bloggers throwing their shit down 

8:50pm - Natasha and I inadvertently establish a Xmas tradition - if Natasha doesn't throw up it ain't Xmas !

8:53pm - decide to stop blogging and b social w live humans 
Real humans craving my attention...I should go. 

Until tomorrow, over and out :)

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