Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6: The chic, well-hydrated, sociologist goes shopping

So it’s my birthday week and what better way to celebrate than to do some shopping!

As you can see from the photo I made some pretty sweet purchases. So today's blog post is about my shopping adventure!

Birthday gifts for me!!
First off I stopped at a moderately priced clothing store (for Victoria) called Spank. Despite the provocative name, I was lured into the store by the cute green polka dot dress and brown leather ankle boots which were displayed in the front window. Tried on the dress, it looked like shit so I moved on to the sale section of the store and found all sorts of lovely items to purchase. In a surprising display of restraint, I ended up buying only one dress and the cute boots I saw in the window. Look at that dress it even has little fleur de lis all over it!! I think this outfit is killer and my homage to Lucy Liu’s Watson of the show Elementary (my latest tv show obsession).

Next I moved on to MEC to purchase some Nuun electrolytes. A pretty tasty no sugar method to get rehydrated, which is kind of a big deal when one’s primary beverage of choice is a Starbucks Americano. True, I would have bought those anyways but thought they deserved a shout out nonetheless.

At this point in the shopping adventure I needed to refuel. And yes you guessed it! I did this with a Starbucks coffee.

After my caffeine fix, I made my way to the MAC cosmetics counter at The Bay. Lately, I have gotten into my head that I want to create the smoldering eye look for myself. So after some Google searching I settled on some MAC products.  I bought a black eye liner (that smudges quite easily and still retains its blackness) and a liquid black eye liner, which apparently is essential to completing the look. I will try it out and let you know how it goes.

Then I hit up Russell’s Books and bought the book Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith by Kathleen Norris. I know this seems like an odd choice for me given my at times quite vocal discontentment of organized religion but given recent events actually makes perfect sense. Let me explain. I’ve recently started reading Norris’ The Cloister Walk and am completely captivated by her voice as she discusses her spiritual journey. Each chapter is a little vignette on to itself and I have found that most of it is making great fodder for reflection and meditation. I recently came across a part of the book that discussed the origin of the word Apocalypse. Although we tend to think of apocalypse as meaning destruction and catastrophe the original meaning means to “uncover” or “reveal”. I kind of understood the word to mean an event that helps one uncover their true self, which come to think of it could be kind of catastrophic depending on what you find out about yourself.  The take home point is lately I really feel like thinking about the semantics of past events. I’m talking like my early experiences with the religious institution. Hey what did you expect? I’m a sociologist, I like thinking about this stuff. So much in fact, this will likely become the topic of another blog post.

So there we have it another birthday and successful shopping expedition!


  1. It was the multi pack. 4 flavours: fruit punch, grape, strawberry lemonade, and tropical punch. I like them all pretty much equally.