Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8: The sociologist learns to sew – part one

About a year ago, things got a bit unusual for me. For one, I took up baking. Most unusual considering before then my oven was used for storage. The baking urge happened when I was recovering from surgery and could not run or work for a whole week – I needed to do something with my time. So naturally I turned to baking, something I previously loathed doing.

Christmas cookies and jar to hold utensils!!
So I ended up baking three different types of Christmas cookies. I even bought Christmas cookie cutters for the occasion. The fact that it was “Christmas” cookies was even stranger, seeing as I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I knew other people did so I started making dozens of cookies that I gave to my friends and colleagues.

When I was all into the cookie making I started making crafts…yes, crafts. Instead of trying to analyze what was going on here I decided to embrace it. Baking moved into cooking naturally. And there was more craft making. Interestingly enough, all the crafts centered on the Kitchen. I decorated a jar to hold cooking utensils and a storage box to hold baking supplies. It almost felt like I was slowly becoming some sort of stereotypical housewife…but I really didn’t want to analyse it!!! Mostly because it freaked me out.

So I didn’t. However, over the past year an urge to sew has been growing inside of me. I’ve tried to ignore it most of the time because it seemed crazy seeing as I don’t know how to sew at all!  But in the last month, after being inspired by my friend Trish, I decided I was going to learn to sew and make a running dress. Why a running dress? Because there are no cute running dresses out there and that just feels wrong.

So what items did I need to be able to sew? A sewing machine, obviously. So I went and bought one. And after reading the manual for an hour I figured out how to thread the machine. Then I threw in some fabric and started sewing. Then I felt all awesome about this and was like “sewing! This shit is easy! What was I so afraid of??”

So the next day I went to Gala Fabrics and had one of the awesome staff members there hook me up with all the basics I would need. Like a pattern, a stitch remover, fabric, thread, a pin cushion, etc.

Then I went home opened my pattern and read the first sentence that said “Thank you for buying this pattern we guarantee quality blah blah”. I took one look at the rest of the pattern and was like “WTF?!”

The sewing machine and the very confusing pattern!
None of it and I mean none of it made any sense. So I decided that maybe I should sign up for a course that will teach me how to sew. So I found one put on by The Makehouse, located a few blocks away from me, and signed up for it. I figure, when I take their course and win them over with my charming personality, they can become my resource for all things sewing.

So the course is happening Monday, December 9, 2013. I will let you know how I make out.

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