Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9: Top 5 things that made me happy this past week (December 2 to 8, 2013)

I’ve heard that remembering happy stuff that happened to you is good for your mental health, so I’m starting the Top 5 list of things that made me happy during the week.

In the future this list will be posted to my blog on the Sunday (the end of the week).

So here is the list, items in no particular order:

1.     My birthday! - I had a really awesome birthday this year. Full of presents and friends and good food and most of all a really good run!  
2.     Realizing that I am finally over that guy that broke my heart! – Ok to be clear this is the most recent one that broke my heart and no doubt I will write some sort of blog post about this in the future.Or not...the important thing is I'm over it!
3.     Cleaning my bathroom! – I even cleaned the grimy ledge in the bathtub I’ve been ignoring for months!
4.     Making a kick ass lentil yam dish! – it was completely vegan and healthy and it was so good I barely stopped myself from going for seconds.
5.     Giving my Coach cupcakes to celebrate his awesomeness! – Yeah, so last weekend my coach won the Masters competition at the Canadian Cross Country Championships in Vancouver and he didn’t tell anyone. But I found out and went by his work with cupcakes for him and his awesome co-workers. He is kind of a modest dude, which is super cool, because if I was as awesome as him I would likely be an arrogant jerk, so I’m not sure how he actually felt about me coming by with cupcakes. I’m pretty sure he liked the cupcakes so I’m going to guess he was happy-ish about it. I just love making baked goods for people actually I kind of just like making people smile. And I’m pretty sure my coach smiled a little. :)

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