Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day One: The Blog A Day ‘til X-Mas Challenge Begins!

So in my typical impulsive way disguised as a well meaning intention, I proposed a challenge to my fellow blogger friend, Chris, that we blog every day from December 1st until Christmas.

It is rare to have someone take me up on my challenges so I was pleasantly surprised and a little scared when Chris agreed. Let me further elaborate on my surprised/scared state by providing an example of my idea of a challenge.

Example taken from two summers ago. This is an actual challenge I suggested to some of my experienced backpacking friends.

“Hey, why don’t we hike Juan de Fuca* this summer?” (Note how the challenge starts off sounding reasonable).

“…but instead of camping along the way we can just hike it!” (Note how suddenly the idea takes a sharp dive into madness).

“We could start when the sun rises at 5am and don’t stop hiking until we finish! We will only carry food and water no sleeping bags or anything else!” (Note also how the idea doesn’t just take a quick dip into crazy territory it hangs out there for awhile).

“We could bring headlights so we can see in the dark. And bring caffeine pills in case we get tired!! I bet we could finish in less than 24 hours!!”

Needless to say, I was not surprised that my backpacking friends did not agree to my challenge; however, we did find a compromise and ended up hiking Juan de Fuca in 2.5 days.  And although my writing challenge is not the same type of crazy as my proposed hiking adventure, as me writing in my blog everyday is not exactly life threatening, I was surprised/scared that Chris agreed to the challenge.

Surprised because we have not really kept up on our blogs as of late, although I am guiltier of this than him.

Scared, not only because now I have to actually write for public consumption every day but also because it means I may have found a friend who is as crazy and impulsive as me….actually that could be fun!

So the challenge has begun! I'm pretty sure I'm going to win but it is cute that Chris has put his hat in the ring. 

You can follow the action here (obv) and on Chris’ blog at: Victoria, in Person
 -  a sweet blog on dining and drinking around Victoria.

And of course you can also follow along on twitter... :)

Andrea: RunnerChicWC
Chris: The Cesspit

 * In case you don’t know, Juan de Fuca is a rugged hiking trail that takes you 47km along the Southwestern coastline of Vancouver Island. Depending on your fitness level, people typically take between 1 - 5 days to complete it. It is considered a good practice trail for the West Coast Trail, which is one of the most challenging trails in British Columbia.

Me on the Juan de Fuca trail!

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