Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 11 of 52: Feb 17, 2014 dispatch from Qatar

An excerpt from an email to my coach while I was in Qatar. I believe he asked me how my week was going. He probably thinks twice now before he asks me anything...

Pictures were not included in the original email. I'm not that into myself people! 

Feb 17, 2014

My week has been interesting and different. Still processing. Lots of stimulus. I've traveled quite a bit, I guess, in my life so being here reminds me of a kaleidoscope of other places I've been. The cognitive process of how we interpret our surroundings is fascinating to me. So I've been thinking a lot about that. Because I'm in a Muslim country it's extra interesting because I have the whole media filtering to do as I process.

Right now in my life I kind of like it here in Qatar, I don't think I would enjoy it so much if I was Andrea 5 years younger. Actually I just would have never visited 5 years ago and that is probably why I have not chosen to visit until now. I'm just in such a different place right now in my life, this place seems to fit for some reason that I haven't quite figured out why. Although my going theory is it has something to do with transition.

Qatar is constantly changing I'm told. There is construction everywhere. Everyone seems very annoyed by the constant construction, whereas I feel at home in it. This external environment completely reflects my insides. And I get people's frustrations. Because there is nothing more annoying then trying to pin down a location and have it move on you all the time. Or move just as you get used to where it is. And it is not just the built environment here it is the administrative process too that is still being developed. It is like I'm watching the birth of a nation, it is kind of neat. Turns out that good planning and having a solid long-term vision are a rarity all over the world. haha Anyways I will save this for the blog I'm pretty sure when you asked how my week has been you were meaning running! 


When you correspond with me, you can always expect ridiculously long replies to seemingly simple questions. The lovely bonus of interacting with me; someone who loves the sound of her own voice!

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