Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 18 of 52: Top 5 things to do until the sunshine returns

Sidewalk pressed petal.
It is another grey overcast day in Victoria, so what's a girl to do? Other than come up with stellar content for this blog of course.

So not related at all to stellar content, here is my list of Top 5 things to do until the sunshine returns:

1. Go out shooting with a friend! No, I'm not talking guns, I'm talking cameras! It is quite fun to wander the rain stained streets of Victoria, beneath a cloud coverage that resembles the look of dull cigarette ash ground into a white linen sheet, especially when one looks at it through the photographer's gaze. Everything always gets more interesting when you look at it through the lens. Although when I look over my last photography shoot during an overcast period (see photos), it had a bit of a morbid feel to it. The photos seemed to have an industrial, hard, cold, lifeless, decaying kind of feel to them. Still fun though!
Lonely libation.

2. Marathon it! No I'm not talking about running a marathon (although that could work too I suppose) I'm talking about picking up a new show to watch and marathoning it. Watching episodes back-to-back until the show it done! Or at least a season of it is done. Or some kind of equivalent milestone...current show I'm watching is Heroes. What can I say? I love my scifi super hero stories. And what better time to watch them but when the sky is full of the grey low-hanging clouds of our discontent. 
Awaiting freedom from stagnation.

Tenacious spores.
3. Watch a Marathon! Look I don't mean actually go hang out and watch a marathon (although that could work too I suppose) but watch it via social media. So much fun if you can't be bothered to leave the house, which does anyone want to do when it's overcast and pouring rain all at the same time? Following my run peeps on Live Tracker, texting, tweeting, obsessively trying to update the browser for the live results page, are all equally acceptable forms of showing I care about my crazy awesome run friends who thought it would be fun to run a marathon in the pouring rain. And the bonus is I don't have to leave my warm dry house.

Bike break.
4. Do something creative! Ok, so I thought it may be fun to provide my weekly run feedback to my coach in a short story format. I was going for a homage to David Foster Wallace kind of piece, complete with footnotes and references but by page 6 at approximately 10:30 on a Saturday night, I felt that perhaps I was being a tad self-indulgent in my efforts. I mean, my coach already thinks I'm weird enough, do I really need to give him more evidence of that? I managed to talk myself out of the idea and ended up sending him a quick email update instead. After all, if I'm going to try to emulate DFW, I may want to spend more than a few hours working on it, and not being sleep deprived is good probably good too.

5. Bake cookies! Kind of an extension of #4 actually, because I'm in the process of trying to create the best run fuel cookie ever. So obviously this involves creativity. My first attempt was tasty but too dry in my opinion. I'm going to try adding applesauce and chia seeds to the next batch in hopes that will make them a little less drier. Pretty excited about these cookies because they are vegan and have no added sugar (with the obvious and acceptable exception of the sugar in the 71% cocoa organic chocolate chips) and they taste great. Looking forward to trying them and having my healthy friends provide me feedback on them.

And from the ashes...
In summary, overcast days are not very fun as you can tell by this not so stellar blog post this week. However, you can pass the time by indulging in things you love, like making cookies, hanging out with a friend to take pictures, running/watching a marathon, marathoning a favourite TV show or marathon reading this blog. I recommend you try out the last one.

Until next time, please let there be sun!


AK Gregg

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