Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 34 of 52: Cool stuff I learned this week

For once this blog post will be quick and dirty. True story.

Cool stuff I learned - item #1: Sometimes a good friend is someone you have known for a long time but have just never had the opportunity to connect in the way you would need in order to establish that good friend vibe. Yes, this is a shout out to the lovely S.G.! Love her! Timing is everything peeps. Just keep that in mind the next time you find yourself frustrated at not being able to form a connection with someone.

Cool stuff I learned - item #2: I set a new record for longest time spent at a party while in training mode. Not hard to accomplish as I typically don’t attend parties while training for half marathons. But still, I clocked in an impressive 3.75 hours before leaving. And I was sober the whole time!

Cool stuff I learned - item #3: Alcohol does not make me obnoxious. I am inherently obnoxious.

Cool stuff I learned - item #4: The second time doing Tabata is way better than the first time doing it. It is not easier, it is just your body adapts quickly to being ok with being tortured.

Cool stuff I learned - item #5: There are such awesome people in my life, that I would even agree to travel to Nanaimo in order to spend time with them. I was surprised too. Not that I have awesome people in my life but that I would travel to Nanaimo.

Nanaimo - bathtub racing capital of the WORLD!

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  1. Nanaimo has Newcastle island, so it might be absolved of some of its sins.