Sunday, January 18, 2015

A robust analytical deconstruction analysis comparing and contrasting January 18th 2014 to January 18th 2015

Rumi - my latest writer obsession
Sometimes it is fun to look back to last year to a particular date (say, January 18, 2014) and compare it to the present moment (January 18, 2015). Is your life better, is it worse, is it so different that even your own parents don't know who you are anymore? Interesting shit for sure.

Why January 18th? Simple really, I have to write a blog post and this is what I came up with. Blame my friend Julia for not coming up with a better topic for me to write about if you don't like this post!

Back to the task at hand. January 18th, 2014. So how does one go about remembering what the hell they did a year ago for compare and contrasting purposes? Especially when the day undergoing analysis is not something obvious like your birthday or Christmas (unless of course you were too drunk on those days to remember exactly what happened). For me, a total fan of technology this should be relatively easy, seeing as my electronic footprint is as large as that plastic island in the Pacific Ocean (that's Texas baby)!

First stop - iPhone calendar - everyone knows my iPhone is an extension of my body and I put every detail worth remembering in my iPhone because i forget things all the time. Like forgetting to  celebrate my own birthday that one time, which in all fairness was likely due to my lack of an iPhone at the time seeing as this happened during me studying for my university final exams. I mean that was so long ago, cellphones weren't even invented yet or whatever. How did I possibly function before my iPhone? That is an excellent question, and I actually have no idea how I functioned before my iPhone, clearly not very efficiently. Moving on.

iPhone calendar is empty, however, turns out January 18th, 2014 fell on a Saturday so I can say with absolute certainty that I was doing my long run on that day...

Fair enough, when am I not running. Clearly we need more details for this comparison to be considered robust enough. 

Second stop - my blog - yes I realize this should have been the first stop. Ok, what did I blog about? On January 19th, I posted about my decision to travel to Qatar. And if you remember that post that decision was made because I was going through a particularly bad depressive spell at the time and needed to get somewhere sunny STAT. And naturally I picked the Middle East because I'm not morbid or anything.

Well based on that, I think it is pretty safe to say I'm doing a lot better this year as opposed to last, mostly on account of me not spending the majority of my time thinking about killing myself! Yay!

So besides me not wanting to commit suicide, what other awesome stuff is happening with me this year? Naturally, I have created a top 5 list for the occasion, list items in no particular order of awesomeness (obvs):

1. Running! Yes, I'm still running. I always laugh when people ask me if I'm still running, as if I'm going to stop doing the best thing that has ever happened to me?! I mean I get we all have different feelings on running but WTF people!? Do you even listen to the way I go on about running?! I'm in love with it!! I'm training for an ultramarathon this year. I mean I gotta love running if I'm going to be doing it all day! So stop with the silly running questions already, it's annoying.
Just one of the many beautiful views on my runs.
2. Writing! Yes, I'm still writing. Of course, you know that, since you are reading this blog post. The goal this year is to publish one blog post a week, same rules as last year. Blog post every Sunday by midnight unless of course you have been kidnapped before deadline. Oh and the one difference this year, @TheCesspit (aka the slave driver) allowed us to have one week off! Isn't he generous! I hope I end up working for him one day!

3. Pattern making! Speaking of goals, last year's goals included sewing a running dress, if you recall (read top 5 goals for 2014 if you need a refresher). And of course I made that within a matter of weeks; problem is I'm not really sure how I made it. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but it has something to do with using a dress pattern for cotton fabric to make a knit fabric dress...yeah, apparently you can't do that or you can (as I did) but with a lot of refinements. Anyways, I would like to make another running dress so I know I really need to learn how to make patterns in order to do that...and so, I started this goal early, as of September 2014 I've been taking pattern making courses and private lessons with the awesome, amazing and incredibly talented (don't forget patient) designer Alexandra Morgan. Love her.
Pattern draft 4 of my bodice block #OCD #perfectionist
The sweatshop (small children in chains not shown)
 4. Friends! It is a delicate task maintaining the friendship tiers, kind of like looking after my urban balcony garden, which is a tad ominous seeing as I'm not known for keeping plants alive for very long...but chill out, my life is not a work of fiction and this is not foreshadowing, I'm not killing my friends, not even @TheCesspit, although after today's run I think he was trying to kill me. I mean who invites someone over after they complete a 2 hour run and then doesn't end up feeding them a shit load of carbs!?!? And no, raisin bran cereal does not count as real food! ugh.With the exception of the random moments of starvation, my friends are (still) awesome and I collected some new awesome friends throughout the year. #LifeIsGood
My urban garden...and yes, that is kale.

5. Not morbidly depressed! Yeah, I know I already mentioned this but it is still pretty awesome, given last year. Yeah, I'm pretty happy to be able to now get up in the morning and to be able to function again in the highly productive manner I'm accustomed to. Yes, this goal oriented perfectionist is really thankful for that! And yes, I attribute most of the success of this to the healthy lifestyle changes, the wonderful health care professionals I now have and of course my lovely and wonderful social support network-My family; my friends. Really not sure I could have gotten through that without all of you. #ForeverGrateful. xoxo What do I attribute the rest of my success to? Me. Obvs. Did you just start reading this blog or something?!

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