Sunday, March 22, 2015

Prelude: something to meditate on

This past week I thought I would get all fancy with my vegetable cutting. Yes, i thought why not pull out that mandolin I haven't used in 2 years and make very thin slices of beet with it. And in typical Andrea fashion, I ended up slicing the top of my finger off.

An ER trip and tetanus shot later, turns out I don't need stitches; however, it is difficult to type right now so this week will be a short post. Consider this a prelude to next week's post...

Separation bends the back of hope
cruelty ties the hands of longing 
yet the lover never despairs.
For a committed heart
everything is possible.
~ Rumi

So I've been thinking about the heart. That impenetrable fortress that resides in my chest. It makes it possible for me to run, on account of it pumping blood around and such, so from a biological perspective all is good inside me. From an emotional POV, not so much I think. 

In meditation, I'm at a point in my practice where I'm stuck. I can't meditate from my heart. I'm not still stuck in my head, like when I first started the practice, I'm able to get into my body, I just can't seem to get inside my heart.

So, feeling frustrated with that, I've been trying to sort out what the issue is that is preventing this progression in my practice. And I'm almost certain it has something to do with being able to be open to trust, patience and love. 

As we are well aware, I'm a bit challenged when it comes to being open to patience or love and as for trust...well, I don't think anyone would be surprised I had challenges in that department. Anyways, more on this later, but for now just think about those 3 concepts or in mediation better referred to as, energies. 

Trust, patience and love.

If I'm not embracing those three energies, how could I possibly ever expect to meditate from the heart. 

And when I look up at the Rumi quote above and think of these three energies, I'm almost certain the absence of them is what leaves us humans with pain and suffering.

So let's conduct a little experiment...

I want you to think about what is irritating you right now in your life. What is the major issue in your life? What is causing you so much grief? What are you always upset about or complaining about? What is the cause of your suffering? 

Now think of those three energies. Are you open to them right now? Can you make yourself open to them? Try for a moment to be open to them. 

For a minute just feel those three energies. What is it like to feel trust, patience and love?

Once you do that, I want you to look back at the cause of your the answer still the same?

Love this stoned fleur de lis tattoo design (source)

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