Sunday, July 26, 2015

20 things to blog in 2015 - prelude

So awhile back (probably January) I was flipping through some magazine about food (?) don't ask me the name because I don't remember nor do I remember if it was actually a magazine about food, it may have been a fashion magazine, which seems more likely seeing as I have two subscriptions to fashion magazines and none to food magazines...anyways, what I do remember about this magazine is the silly little list it had in it (see Figure A).

Figure A: Silly little list (source: unknown)
 Why did I think it was silly, well because there was nothing for me to try on it and it reminded me of how different I am then my peers. And I probably got a bit down about it (as being exceptional is what leads to your loneliness), although I'm pretty sure I called J and ranted to her about it before I got all brooding and self-absorbed about it. And then I realized there was probably an opportunity in all of this...although I didn't think that in January, I realized that opportunity now.

What can I say we live life forward and draw meaning from it going backwards (and I pretty much paraphrased that last sentence from the Oliver Sacks biography - so please don't sue me!).

So here is how a rant about a to do list for the mediocrities led to a bunch of random shit that didn't make any real sense at the time but now makes perfect sense 1.25 hours before blog deadline posting for this week.

Random shit loosely linked to the purpose of this blog post:
So, as you may know, I'm taking a Foundations in Holistic Nutrition class because I'm a bit passionate about my eccentric tastes in foodstuffs and there is nothing I enjoy more than gathering information and evidence to back up said eccentric tastes. Yes continuing education for Andrea is about proving Andrea is right and you are wrong.

So I've got just under a month left of my course and I have had some time to think and naturally I come up with an idea that is super efficient as it can help me both study for class and continue to write my blog and totally kick @TheCesspit's ass!

I call it the 3-pronged approach to kicking ass!

So for every item on the 20 things to try list (see Figure A for a refresher)  I'm going to write a blog post. I would like to say that these will be completely informative posts on how to be healthy but let's face it,  you are reading my blog and you know it will turn into some feminist rant about half way through and will contain at least 3 ADHD tangents and at least one selfie. But that is why you love me and love reading my blog isn't it?

So next week will be about Thing #1 "Drink more water" - and below is a picture preview (Figure B) of what that will likely look like. But first a selfie and then the picture preview!

Selfie - coffee break w/ sunshine (and the sun was out too!)

 Preview of next week: "Drink More Water"

Figure B: In our Sunday's best (aka "Drink more water")

Blog at you next week!


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