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#6- the best question to ask when you order chicken

--> So this week is #6 of the list of things to do for 2015, and that is "have protein with every meal".
Why would you do this?

Simple really. Well actually it is simple if we assume that your meals mostly consist of high levels of carbohydrates and are practically devoid of the other two essential macronutrients your body needs in order to function (read: fat and protein). And that is an assumption that we can make because it is a well known fact that people generally eat too many carbohydrates.

But let's back up one second, carbohydrates are important they are what fuel our bodies and give us energy. True but the issue becomes that people generally eat more carbohydrates than they need to sustain their energy needs. Let's face it, many people only get exercise in the form of walking from their parked car to their desk at work. So if your energy needs are low and you are eating too many carbohydrates you will gain weight.

I think this guy needs to get out more!
So why more protein? Well protein helps the energy received from your food last longer in your body. Which basically means you will eat less, which means less calories, which means less weight gain. For example, studies have shown that people that have more protein for breakfast (instead of the usual high carbohydrate breakfasts we are accustomed to) are less likely to snack before lunch. So don't skip breakfast and eat your protein. Of course, if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. Doesn't matter where those calories come from, whether it is carbohydrates, protein or fat.

For the majority of you sedentary folks I wouldn't so much add more protein to each meal but aim for the high protein breakfast and not skipping breakfast. That's the recommendation I would suggest for you. Because no doubt you are getting enough protein much is enough? 0.8g/kg is generally recommended for your daily protein requirements. So that is approximately 50 grams of protein for a person who weighs 150 pounds. And you are probably one of those people who skips breakfast in a misguided effort to lose weight. Fun fact: skipping breakfast is the best way to gain weight, especially when you aren't active. Nothing makes the body store more fat than when it thinks it is starving (i.e, when you don't break the fast with breakfast!!).  And if you claim you aren't hungry then have a protein shake. May I recommend Vega One. 20g of protein and 50% of your daily nutrients all in one tasty low calorie beverage. No excuses people.

Someone has been eating too many growth hormones!!
For those of us who do workout regularly (and I don't mean those who walk from their car to their desk) you will need more protein than the 0.8g/kg. For me (who weighs 150 pounds) when I was training for half marathons I needed close to 100grams of protein a day. Now, since my mileage is down, i would put myself around 70-80g. But that is because I've added more strength building to my regime. Protein basically rebuilds and repairs your body. So it's kind of important.

You know what else is important? The source of your protein. Yes, not all protein is created equal. And no I'm not going to go on a vegan rant here, as I do believe some people do benefit from eating  animal meat, I just feel that most people could eat less meat and better sources of meat.

Hope none of those chickens are introverts!
For example, eating a chicken whose never seen the light of day, nor moved outside of its cage (read: factory farm chicken) and is pumped full of growth hormones is not as good a source of protein as say the chicken that is organic. The organic label generally requires that the chicken see the sunshine (at least once a day) and get to roam around outside the confines of its cage. Also, they are not full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Not that they don't get antibiotics if they are sick, but that's just it, that is only when they get drugs as opposed to being fed that as part of their well balanced diet.

Now you don't need to get all Portlandia about your protein source the next time you dine out (because that is a sure fire way to get a punch to the head) but do ask questions as to the quality. After all, you are what you put in your body. And no one wants to be a deformed chicken who can't walk because it has never left its cage. See video below for example of how to annoy your server.

So I have developed the best way to determine the source of your protein without causing your server to piss in your soup. Ask: Did the farmer know the chicken before s/he murdered it?

Sometimes you get a name. Like the last time I asked my server this question they told me the name of the chicken was Marbella.

And that gives you the lovely opportunity to say a little prayer of thanks to Marbella for so graciously allowing herself to be murdered so you could live. And then if you are ADHD like me, your mind will wander and make a connection to something ridiculous, like Marbella giving up her life is kind of like Jesus on the cross and really if you look at this moment in a certain light, it is kind of like you are eating Jesus.

Bon Appetite!

An educational video about the inhuman world of chicken farming can be found below:

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