Sunday, September 20, 2015

#7 eating processed food still makes me hate you, i'm sorry!

Like smoking, eating processed food is one of those things that makes you way more attractive if you never do it.

And that is my introduction sentence to this week's stellar blog post, which is #7 of 20 on the list of things to do:

Reduce your consumption of processed and packaged foods

For those of you who have had the pleasure of knowing me (you're welcome), know that I loathe processed foods almost as much as I loathe fruit yogurt with added sugar…Actually the two may be matched in terms of my highest level of hatred towards unhealthy food items.

Yes, we all know how I don’t consider fast food actual food and have a hard time not judging people who eat at fast food restaurants. What can I say, I’m working on being all loving and compassionate and shit and that’s kind of like a life long learning goal. So I’m sorry I’m not quite there yet in finding compassion in my heart for those who insist on filling their bodies with toxic crap.

However, I would like to note, I do have compassion for addicts, being one of those people who has a very compulsive personality, I understand fully the need to fill the void with something, whether that something is smoking, drinking, sex, running, food, shopping, etc., I get it. And if you are tuning in now and are really interested in all my thoughts on addiction, pain, self -growth etc., I will direct you to some earlier blog writings of mine and I will not be offended if you tangent off that way instead of reading the rest of this blog post, which let's face it, is kind of all over the place.

Blog posts always start in your mind...what the frack was that all about? - this post is just brilliant really, a lovely piece on my conceptualization of pain and addiction and the development of the best concept ever, The Andrea Triad: the most awesome heavenly high you will ever experience in your life and it's totally legal! True story!

5 Things my inside voice says out loud when you aren't listening - this post is really just poetry that graphically depicts what the void is.

Into the trenches this blog post goes - post is further musings on pain and addiction and how a good addiction (no such thing) is a poor substitution for love (that which fills the void) and I talk about the monkeys who were given fake monkey moms! Such a good post really, I almost insist you go and read it NOW!


This gives us a nice segue back to my original blog post on processed my hatred really lies in the people who aren't addicts but the ones that just make poor food choices out of ignorance or laziness, I'm sorry, I do judge them and it is harsh and if they happen to have children and are passing this shit on to them, I kind of hate them even more. I don't want to hate them but I do. And as I said earlier in the post I'm working on replacing this hatred with compassion...

And just so we are super clear , I do place pizza in this list of unacceptable food items!

Pizza – yes it is gross that you order pizza and yes I do think less of you because you order pizza. The only pizza I will allow to be consumed is prima strada pizza. And that is only if you go there for dinner and make an event out of it. So yes, I will allow prima strada pizza to be consumed on special occasions, and yes getting to hang out with me is considered a special occasion.

And as I was just looking up the link for Prima Strada for you (see I'm helpful not just critical!) I noticed that they will be opening a new restaurant in the 900 block of Fort Street! Just one block away from my house! Now that is cause for celebration! It is almost like the good food gods have blessed me or the universe really doesn't want me to go outside the 5 block radius of my home. Which I totally support because I hate leaving my place. 

And speaking of cool stuff that doesn't require me to leave the actual block I live on, check out this super awesome item I found at one of 5 local antique stores on my block!

Cool find at my local antique store!
 Yes, it is a Turkish incense burner...I guess to burn incense in, I just think it looks super rad. 

Alright, so I now feel like enough has been written in this blog post to actually consider this a blog post, and although it may not be the most coherent of blog posts, I did give you some excellent links to my other posts that arguably are more coherent than this one...and I just told you about the new Prima Strada resturant opening! So really, this was a great blog post after all.

And your reward for making it through this week with me...a selfie :)

super adorable selfie - you're welcome!

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