Sunday, October 11, 2015

#9 It's a Langford Thanksgiving Charlee Black

So #9 stop eating when you are no longer hungry vs when you are full is what is up this week, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Best way to stop overeating? stop celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving! Turkeys let out a collective sigh of relief.

Speaking of turkeys, I'm in the midst of getting ready for Thanksgiving over here. Learning the art of basting and annoying my friends with random text messages, where I demand them to bring me any leftovers that involve homemade apple pie. Yup, I'm continuing my sociological tradition of hanging out with my friend's families over the holidays so I can observe them in their natural surroundings. Needless to say I cycle through friends pretty quickly...

So where is "home" this Thanksgiving? Well this time I've ventured to an area known as Langford. Or as I affectionately refer to as, the Hamilton of Victoria. Why would I do such a thing? Other than to meet my insatiable urge to inflict pain upon myself, well I actually have really good friends who live out here! And sometimes I like to socialize with good friends outside of my comfort zone (read: 5 block radius of my home).

Yes, I'm being adventurous, so much I even took one of those BC transit vehicles out here (read: I took the bus). Another awesome thing about being in a different place is that it gives you ample time to think about your life and your true self. Ok, sure I think about that all the time but it is a lot easier to determine who you really are once you are in a new environment. After all you can't runaway from your self (god knows I have tried!).

So what have I learned? I have learned that I really am a perfectionist but at least I'm getting better at accepting that. For example, I have been tasked with making cranberry sauce. And I have bought enough ingredients to make 2 batches. One to please the experimental foodie in me and the other to please the masses who don't like to try new things. Now everyone can be happy!

Another cool thing I learned was that, you can get a lot of insights into yourself from doing online personality tests on the website Popsugar.

It all started because I was trying to sort out a character name for the Asshole English Editor role in the romcom I'm developing, you know, "Mediterranean Diet" (see blog post for synopsis of rom com). Anyways, I stumbled across the hipster baby name generator and quickly decided to see what I would get.

Turns out the actual name for the Asshole English Editor will be Paradox Rudram because he is super complex and shit.

So basically I'm hooked. I mean I'm in the suburbs of Langford surrounded by these things called "trees" what else am I'm going to do? Other than focus on cranberry sauce making and waiting for my homemade apple pie to arrive.

So next quiz up is what type of bridesmaid are you? Given that the idea of marriage brings forth the idea of prison in my mind, I'm curious to find out how accurate this quiz is.

Basically I'm a planner it tells me. Some sort of Katherine Hegel Type A personality type who doesn't have time for love but really seems to have lots of time focusing on trying to control her's true I do like to plan stuff out (some would say obsessively plan stuff out, I would just say I'm being thorough). Semantics.

Then there is "Who is your romance novel boyfriend?" and seeing I have zero time for love what type of boyfriend would I have if magically one was to appear?

Answer Christian Grey. Whose that you wonder? 50 Shades of Grey that's who. Yup, apparently I'm attracted to very fucked up men who are professionally successful and are into S& the control freak likes to be controlled in bed...thank god there is no video evidence of that!

Then I move onto "what mother daughter duo are you?" and my result is Sally and Betty Draper...Mad Men, and now things are just getting eerie.

Langford and eerie? Who thought the two would go together so nicely?! Well after a night of watching documentaries on demon wolves and eating way too much sugar and dreaming about friends who decided to turn their loft into a night club because their favourite lesbian night club, cunt, just closed down, I think I'm just going to step away from the internet who seems to know me so well at this moment...and I'm going to go research recipes for cranberry sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Write at you next week :)

Langford Selfie w "trees" in the background

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  1. If I'd be born paradox, I'd be much more Morse like and just go by my surname.

    Hmm, if only I'd done that when I moved here, I could have had a sense of mystery about me!