Sunday, October 4, 2015

A love poem for my estranged soulmate

Happy Sunday my fellow readers. I've decided to take a break this week from writing about the top 20 list of boring ass shit to try for 2015 and write a poem instead! So before I trigger another international incident, please hear me out first, this post will not disappoint!

Saturday night selfie - snuggled up watching Scandal

Now I know what you are thinking..."should we be concerned about Andrea? I mean she wrote a poem?!"
Just a cool picture with no real relevance to this post, other than both are cool.
It's true, poetry writing for me tends to emerge from my more stressful moments (i.e. more resource intensive moments). Moments where the experience is best worked through writing poetry than prose. Poetry, I find, always helps me identify the root of the problem, the actual emotion that needs to be worked through. As opposed to prose that transcribes an experience in intellectual form, never quite encapsulating the visceral energy imprint of the event (i.e., the emotional component). 

And with all experiences we have to work through, there is an intellectual and an emotional component we have to deal with.
Kind of sick of dealing with child Andrea and all her shit!
So yes, this past week was a bit trying for me. And for anyone who is close to me (within a 10 foot radius of me) they got the pleasure of watching me work through it. And I want to take a moment of gratitude here. And give a sincere thank-you to all those who played a part in my healing process this week, I hope you know who you are and that I appreciate you so very much for helping me make sense of everything whirling around me. It was a strange one for me.

In addition to the thanks I give the awesome humans I surround myself with, I do need to give thanks to myself. Shocking I know. However, my new daily practice I've adopted, you know that whole living a balanced life thing? Yes, for reals I'm doing this! A life of balance has made this stress much more bearable than a previous Andrea (see Version 1.0) could have possibly experienced. So I thank me for finally getting my shit together.

And yes, this movement of extremes to balance in my life is definitely the topic for a #futureblogpost. This is just not that blog post.  

Instead here is the poem! And to all you haters (i.e., literary snobs), it's an Andrea poem, so relax, I'm not claiming to be a poet over here, I'm just being me. So deal already!

To my estranged soulmate

This life:
an illusion continuing to crumble.

This life:
Soon to be shattered and broken
fragile bits strewn across a kitchen floor.

But how many parts still need to fall before our realization,
nothing is there?

How many times do we need to be reborn?
To learn the lesson:
Timing is never right,
if one of us is always carving off a limb to be with the other.

Now we seem to be waiting out the passing of time.
To free us from the safety of the cages we confine ourselves to.
Erode our edges so we can finally slide into one another.
Further refinement of our perfect selves.

But I see you now.
All you need to do is open your eyes
And you will see me too.

Then we will remember the safety we felt when we were together.
Because I don’t want us to wait another life
To hear the angels sing the dreams our souls yearn for.

 ~ AK Gregg ~ October 3, 2015

I think there are stars in the multi-verse?!

Best Jesus Discovery* this week:

Remember all those squats I've been doing that have built up my gluteal muscles (i.e., squats made my ass grow) and made me not be able to fit into a lot of my pants and skirts? Well turns out it is a good thing. Not only do I have an awesome ass (obvs) but I can now wear all my old Jacob pants I haven't been able to fit into for the past few years! So turns out I have a whole new wardrobe without having to spend any money (or have to go out and shop and be around humans)!

Yay for me hording my old Jacob clothes! 

Jacob pants I can wear again!
* for those just tuning in, "Jesus Discovery" is one of my blog's top key word search terms...

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