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#12 Andrea's Frankenstein Breakfast Apple Bread

So this week #12 of the list of 20 things to try for 2015 is to consume breakfast daily. Now, I thought about posting a huge rant on how important breakfast is blah blah but I thought my readers know this, do they really need me to tell them what they already know?!

So instead I decided to share a recipe I created (which is really just a bastardization of a bunch of other stuff I found on the Internet). Yup, this Frankenstein recipe is for Apple Bread, which is the best breakfast ever. And it will help reinforce how important breakfast is, every time you bite into this yummy bread. Also, I have included a special bonus for all of you! I will share with you a tip I learned about how to interact more effectively (read: appropriately) with other humans.

First off, what is the best way to never skip breakfast?! Make something so delicious you will never skip it!

Andrea feeling frazzled after being up all night creating her Frankenstein
My new favourite is Apple Bread.

Apples are such a great fall food, or so all my recipe apps tell me, and seeing as we are in the season of fall I should probably start eating like it.

So this week I finally made the transition to fall - vegetarian chili with squash (yum!) and apple bread!!

So the important thing about the apple bread I should mention is, it's vegan and has no refined sugar in it. So basically it is like super healthy, so you don't have to feel guilty if you eat an entire loaf of it (#justsaying).

So here is the recipe (adapted from - my changes are in parentheses
Apple Bread makes a great side to watching Master of None

Andrea's ADHD Apple Bread Recipe (good luck following along!)

Part 1
3 cups all purpose flour (3 cups spelt flour)
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Part 2
3 eggs (chia seed egg substitute = i didn't bother grinding up the chia seeds, i just put them in a bowl with the required water and left it in the fridge for over 15 minutes - I'm kind of lazy like that)
1 cup sugar (1 cup mashed bananas)
2/3 cup vegetable oil (coconut oil melted)
1 tsp vanilla

Part 3
1 cup sugar (1 cup of pureed dates ~ 16 medjool dates pitted)
1/2-1 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cardamon

Part 4
2 granny smith apples chopped

The steps to awesomeness:

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Take 3 loaf tins and grease using coconut oil and dust with flour
Take ingredients of part 1 and mix in a bowl together
Take ingredients of part 2 and blend together until puree is made
Add part 2 to part 1 and mix together (this becomes the base of your bread)
Take ingredients of part 3 (save water) and blend together, add as much water as needed to make into a puree
Add 1/4 of part 3 puree to the base and mix together (this now becomes what I call the base)
Layer one: the base

Add half of the base to each of the three loaf tins
Add a layer of part 4, equally distributing between all the tins
Add remainder of part 3 to the loaf tins, equally distributing so just to cover the apple layer
Layer 3: part 3 added to apples and base

Add remainder of base to top of loaf tins, equally distributing among all three tins

bake for 45-55 minutes. I baked mine for 50, then turned of heat and let sit in over for an additional 5 minutes

 wait 30 minute then you can eat it.

Now that we sorted out what to eat for breakfast, here is:

Weekly tip to avoid awkward moments

When you ask your friend to go to the movies with you, and said friend happens to be of the opposite sex, you really do not need to promise them that you will not try to make out with them during the movie.

Turns out it is unnecessary information to share. Truth be told, no one needs a reminder about how you are not going to make out with them, because everyone is well aware of your whole celibacy thing. And then there is that part where you carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere. SO even if people were thinking of making out with you (of course they are! you're hot) they know that you are unlikely to do so because they would have to not break any of the weird rules you follow, and in the unlikely event that somehow they didn't break these rules, you most definitely would not make out with said person in a place where your feet stick to the ground.

So really, not only is it unnecessary it is likely to make the other person uncomfortable. And yes even though you think you are hilarious, not everyone shares that sense of humour, especially if the punchline is them not getting sexy time with you.

So this week I gave you a recipe for breakfast loveliness and a tips for avoiding awkward moments. You're welcome!

What the recipe doesn't call for? Your dog's rotten teeth!

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