Sunday, December 13, 2015

4 easy ways to combat exhaustion

I don't know about you but I'm exhausted! It's the time of year for sure, we are almost at the shortest day of the year (December 22nd for us Northern folk) and my energy is pretty much at an all time low.

Just to be clear, not depressed, just tired...

So when times like this are upon me I must remember self care is my number one priority! Without self-care, depression is sure to follow.

So here are my fav go-to self-care techniques:

Sleep! You're tired, do not have another coffee, just go back to bed. Sure this is hard when we all have stuff to do but if your sleep is being sacrificed because you have too many commitments this is a good time to find out what is necessary to your survival and what is nice to have. Take a break from the nice to haves and go back to bed already! Trust me, unless someone is going to die because you didn't keep your commitment, just go back to bed. Or you can keep doing things because you said so and be crabby while you do it, because everyone loves spending time with assholes!

Food! when I say food I mean the good nourishing types of food not the garbage McDonald's sells. It is tempting to want to cut corners on food when you are tired, so I encourage you to instead find yourself a Be Love and have someone else make your yummy nourishing food for you if you are too tired to do it yourself. If you are not fortunate enough to have access to restaurants that don't serve sludge disguised as food you need to make extra food when you aren't tired and freeze it to be used when you are too tired to make food.

Be Active! I know it feels impossible to move when you are tired, so don't go for a 10k run like you normally do but instead get up and walk across the street to grab a coffee at your fav local cafe. It's really not much but when it comes to exercise one step is really better than nothing. And steps are always better taken when they end with coffee :)

Get Inspired! Now I know you are thinking, wtf!? if i'm too tired i'm sleeping all the time how the fuck am I supposed to have energy to get inspired?! I'm now of the opinion that the best forms of inspiration come to us when we are most open, which means when we are tired and our defences are weakened. So all you need is someone else to bring you the message of inspiration....and this is why we surround ourselves with awesome friends who send us links to stuff.

Here is my latest inspirational find, Marianne Williamson, a spiritual adviser the whole world seems to know (except the people who live under giving an inspiring talk on the spiritual purpose of relationships. Enjoy, maybe after watching you will feel inspired to have a shower and start your day :)

A selfie to help inspire you :)

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