Sunday, December 27, 2015

Highlights from 2015

Well I don't know about you but 2015 kind of just flew by. Like seriously, one minute it was New Years 2015 and then I blinked and now we are almost at New Year's 2016. So WTF happened in 2015, let's refresh:

Apparently I went out in public and hung around other humans for New Years 2015...that was different. Not sure I will be doing that again this year. Actually pretty sure I will stay home, curled up on my couch and end up watching some sort of movie on Netflix (only because I have marathoned all my shows already, in all fairness there wasn't that many to begin with).

Ran my first marathon in May and it was soon after that I decided to take a different approach to my running. Yes, now I'm trying this whole balance thing. That is listening to my body (not my run coach) and taking rest when I need it, not pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion just so I can say I completed such and such race. So, yes, now that I've ditched my coach and listen to myself I don't get sick nearly as often as I did before when I listened to other people tell me how I should be feeling...sounds ridiculously obvious when i write that out here.

on route to marathon land selfie
My dad had cancer and underwent chemotherapy over the summer this year. Not the most enjoyable experience (obvs). Interestingly enough, me having a meltdown in the hospital over this, brought about an event that totally changed my perspective on Christianity/Jesus/God stuff. Up until that point I never understood the whole Jesus as a positive influence in any one's life, mostly because of my past Church trauma and the whole media focus on crazy Christian fundamentalists as opposed to regular Christians who are just really sweet people. This goes for all religions BTW. The media just likes to focus on the crazies.

Anyways, back to me, way more interesting than religious fundamentalists of any kind. So I'm having my meltdown in the hospital and needing some privacy, so I head off to the hospital Chapel (my logic being, religion isn't cool anymore so no one will be there and if someone is there they probably are in worse shape than me). When I get to the Chapel, no one is there (as predicted) and I sit down in a pew and just surrender. I cry and cry and cry and experience such an amazing sense of relief, I all of a sudden get it: this is what religion is suppose to be for people. This surrender to Jesus and he will heal and save you, this is it. In that moment I finally got it. Took me so long to get there because everything before that moment was anything but peaceful but the good news was, I could be peaceful, as I was experiencing that peace at that moment. It gave me a bit of hope.

Apparently I took a lot of selfies, and some possibly were taken at very inappropriate times...did a lot of that in 2015.
Emergency Room selfie
I learned much in the art of patience this year...still learning but someone actually called me a "patient person" (and no it was not said ironically!), so apparently I have grown a lot as a person.

I traveled to the town known as Langford this year for Thanksgiving. I even took a bus to get out there and didn't have my head chopped off. An accomplishment indeed.

I tried going on dates again, as apparently I like to remind myself that there really are no options for me out there. Yes, talking to people for 5 minutes usually solidifies this truth for me but I was running low on blog content for a few weeks there, so I had to make some sacrifices for my art.

Rihanna came out with an offensive video this year, which is rare for her I hear, and even rarer is that I watched it and wrote a blog on it. Click here to read the masterpiece.

I went back to school this year for holistic nutrition. I guess having two degrees was just not enough for me. So I wrote a lot about kale this year. For example, my 4th most popular blog post this year was about me eating vegetables...what was number 1? Me dating and eating BBQ. Apparently food and sex go very well together.

I got some hate mail from Alaska this year.

I found out my garden patio gnomes are actually pot-smoking cannibals who kidnapped some Kazakhstanians. Thankfully, I found out before the BBQ got fired up and was able to return the Kazakhstanians unharmed and without causing another international incident (as if Alaska wasn't bad enough!).

Still from the ransom video

I pitched a romantic comedy on my blog about food and dating. I also pitched a sister bonding movie. I was very creative this year. Even wrote a poem, which depending on how literal you are, it was either the most depressing thing you had ever read or it was the most beautiful. I like to go with the latter.

Looking back on it, it was a pretty busy wonder I haven't left my couch since Christmas Day. Hoping next year is not nearly as exhausting... :)

Christmas morning selfie...I've changed my clothes since then.


  1. I've been Netflixing (i.e. binge watching or binge reading) your blog. Your writing is hilarious! But I appreciate how you've worked hard to improve yourself and your life. Finally, something to balance out the annoying chirpiness of Medium posts! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Mark :) it is nice to hear that feedback <3