Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fan mail - cartoons of my blog

This past week I received some fan mail from one of my lovely readers who enjoyed my last blog post so much he drew me a cartoon (see below).

I'm not sure about the whole angels and demons thing (horrible Tom Hanks movie?!) but I did appreciate the sentiment.

I had mentioned to said fan that I've been obsessing about a job competition, I'm doing my typical Andrea overthinking thing and still have not finished my written assignment, which is due tonight at midnight (same time as this blasted blog post).

Clearly my priorities could be better aligned. Anyways, below is the picture I got in response to my OCD job related whining. I hope my written assignment turns out better than that resume depicted down there!! ugh. So short post tonight, back at you next week, when hopefully I have organized my time a bit better than this!

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