Sunday, January 24, 2016

More proof I'm not evil

Hello my lovely readers! I'm sending you this at the 11th hour because I feel like I'm still recovering from the crazy busy week I've had but I just couldn't leave you hanging (plus we can't let the evil Rudram win this blog competition).

So today was a good day. And not because I'm alive and it was beautiful out and I got to connect with a lot of the lovely people in my life today but because I did something today, that provides us further proof that I'm not evil.

I saved an old person.

It's true, contrary to popular belief, I do believe that all lives are worth saving not just mine.

So here is how my heroic act went down. It started with me on my way home after finishing up a workout at the gym. There are multiple ways for me to head home from my gym and today I wondered what makes me take the path I do. I wonder if there is something I'm avoiding (always start with the negative) or maybe there is something inside me that calls me to take a certain path home. I've never felt super in tune with my inner voice when I take my journey home, other than I'm pretty sure it directs me to the path were less people seem to tread. Apparently, I don't like to be around people?!

So today, I took a less traveled path (i.e., less humans around) and I came across an old person who had fallen in the road. Her friend was trying to help her up, albeit unsuccessfully, and then the light changed and traffic starts moving and both of these people are in the street and in that moment, I thought:

I better go help these people because no one else is around and I really don't want to watch some old person's head get squashed like a watermelon in the street. Not only am I sure that would be unpleasant to watch, I also really need to get home and eat (just worked out yo!) and no doubt being a witness to manslaughter would hold up my feeding schedule.

So off I ran into the street, nicely nudged the friend aside (no I didn't body check her!) and grabbed the fallen woman's hand and tried to pull her up but she was resisting. And I said something super authoritative like, "grab my hand, hold on to me, I'm going to pull you up, we need to get you out of the street." And so she stopped resisting and let me help her up. Yay! Bloodbath averted!

So as the three of us got situated on the sidewalk, I had to make sure everyone was ok. After all, falling down in a street and almost being hit by traffic can be construed as a traumatic event by some humans. Everyone says they are fine. I offer to walk them wherever they are going if they need assistance (yes, I offered to put off nourishing myself for these humans). They say they are fine.

All I can do is offer my help, I cannot force them to take it. They recognize this and the friend says to me: "Thank you for your help, your mother raised you right."

And I reply, "I'm so going to tell my mom you said that, no one ever tells her that!" After all, my mother raised me and I'm a bit of an asshole sometimes.

But not in this moment. Nope, in this moment I'm pretty sure I'm good.

Inner Mongolia Selfie (i.e., I think someone hacked my iPhotos selfie)


  1. and I quote "And I reply, "I'm so going to tell my mom you said that, no one ever tells her that!" " Cmon, I find that hard/easy to believe - lol.

  2. Was sounding a bit "Oh, I need to save HER in order to save MY appetite"; but, you came through, affered follow-up out of pure, unadulterated altruism and saintliness. My faith in humankind in general (uh, and you in particular) is restored! I can throw off the bonds of Shaw's statement that "Every saint is in it for himself"!