Sunday, May 15, 2016

a week of: making lists, gardening and dreaming of kale juice

It's true, I love lists. Mostly this is because it's a handy way to keep track of all the things I need/want to do. All OCD people love lists. And sure my lists are different than most people's lists, as about half of what I put on a list never actually gets accomplished...but I assure you this is not to be perceived as a failure on my part.

Lists are just a natural way for me to express everything I want to do in a perfect world (i.e., not a real world) and then it becomes a way for me to determine which things are actually needs and/or wants. See needs are things that I will put effort into achieving and wants, let's just say, once I start thinking about how I will achieve said want, it becomes too much effort and turns out to not be worth my time. Therefore, my lists are an excellent example of how to determine what is actually important to me (i.e., a need) and what is not worth my time (i.e., a want).

One could argue this may be my way of justifying my inability to put effort into things that are really hard to accomplish. And I would agree that could be a valid argument, except that it's me and I don't do easy. In fact if something is too easy to accomplish I find ways to make it extremely hard just so I feel I worked for it. Yes, I'm also a masochist. From the girl who runs half-marathons like they are Sunday strolls, this should come as no surprise.

Anyways, back to me. So this coming week I took off from work, so I could do that rest and recover thing humans do. For me, I need a break from my neurotic perfectionist self who insists on torturing me for the first 3 months of any new thing I take up. In this particular case, I'm beating myself up over my new job. I just finished 2 months, taking a week off, only 3 more weeks of torture left and I should be good for another 3 months, at about which time I will get "bored" and decide to take up something new. And the cycle of torture continues.

So what am I going to get up to this week off?! Well, let me tell you, in list format!!

Top 5 list of things to do on my week off (that don't involve torturing myself)

1. Plant my herb garden - sounds simple enough but it's me any we know it is anything but simple. First I have to research which herbs I want (culinary, medicinal or combo) and this involves intensive research of the book reading variety. No worries I've got a head start on all this research on account of me taking those holistic nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine courses last year. After I've decided what herbs to plant then I got to go purchase them. Depending on availability and such will determine what actually gets planted in the end. Of course how I plant them is the other consideration. I've decided on a mason jar herb garden, possibly attached to the wall or resting on the window sill... seeing as me attaching anything to a wall is a major feat in and of itself, the herbs will likely just end up on the window sill. Of course my herbs need to be planted in containers that have drainage, which the Mason jars do not have. Apparently i can recreate the effect by filling the bottom of the jars with rocks. Rocks of course I will need to collect from the beach because I refuse to buy rocks when there are a whole bunch of them on the beach not even a 20 minute walk away from me. This leads us to number two of the list

2. Go to the beach - enough times to come up with enough rocks to fill the bottom inch of 12 mason jars...I think this means I have to go to the beach more than once...

3. Make cupcakes for a birthday celebration - again sounds simple especially considering I already have an amazing quinoa chocolate cupcake recipe that is my go to for yummy awesomeness...however, that was from a couple of years ago and now my tastes have changed. Like now I'm all that vegan and no refined sugar annoying type of person so there will be some experimenting happening, which means there will be taste tests. Feel free to get in touch.

4. Plan at least 1 outing which involves socializing with another human (not God) per day for the next 6 days. Sounds simple but again it's me. If I can get my socializing to revolve around rock collecting at the beach, this will be accomplished!

5. Sleep lots, eat well, and get moderate amounts of exercise. This is likely to be the one item on the list that actually gets accomplished. If I've learned nothing else in this life I've learned that if I'm not getting enough sleep, not eating kale and not moving my body life is much harder than it needs to be. Doing the basics, even if it means sleeping in until noon, drinking kale juice and doing yoga in my living room, gives me a good solid foundation to tackle anything life throws at me.

So enjoy the week, if you are lucky chocolate quinoa cupcakes will be in your future :)

A lone mason jar contemplates its future as a receptacle for herbs (he's hoping for basil)

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