Sunday, June 26, 2016

biweekly update - kale, chocolate & scripture

There has been lots going on in the life of Andrea but most is really hard to write about right now because I'm in a preparing type of phase right now.

What I'm working on (a work in progress):

Meditation/prayer - exploring different techniques to take my meditation to the next level, which is to create silence in a world that doesn't stop talking 
my urban garden meditation spot
holistic health approaches - reading a lot right now on Edward Bach, the physician who invented the Rescue Remedy flower essences. A fascinating guy to learn about, schooled in Western medicine approaches to health and grew dissatisfied with how doctors treated patients, moved towards a holistic healing approach where he believed that dis-ease was rooted in humans not living out their life purpose. Really enjoyed his essay "Free thyself" - health is a human right and is good when it is in harmony with our souls...meshes well with everything else I'm reading in scriptures

kale salad! holistic yumminess

Scripture studies - found myself a Torah study group! We meet every Saturday (on Skype) and discuss the bible for 4 hours. Feel so grateful to have met these fine souls and to be able to talk about God and the scriptures in a non-judgemental environment. I suppose this may sound awful to some people but to me this is the highlight of my weeks right now. I just can't get enough of reading theological works and being able to talk about them with others! It is like school but without the hefty price tag! 

Chocolate! And speaking of grateful, I made chocolate in celebration of me and my colleagues 3 month mark at our new job. It is so nice to be in an environment where people genuinely care and support each other. Especially when they are work people, i mean after all we have to see these people more than we see people we love so we better enjoy their company! So my way to give thanks to my new team for taking me in, was in the form of chocolate (I know what you are thinking, Andrea is the best co-worker ever!! #truth). 

vegan chocolate! 

I have to say life is pretty good right now. I will try to write when I can but mostly right now, I'm just living and experiencing life right now. No need to write it all down, so I will try to take more photos for you :)

And now for a selfie!
Post chocolate super cute selfie

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Biweekly update - Shavuot, food, and God loving

 So today I'm off up island to celebrate Shavuot- the feast of weeks/new fruit. My understanding of this holiday (I.e., what I could gather from Google God) is that it's a day where the Jewish people celebrate the giving of the Torah. 

I'm always keen to hang out with other believers and see how their world functions, as I'm still in my discovery phase of this whole building a relationship with God thing I got going on. So yay to knowledge acquisition! 

You know you are in an interesting phase of life when your idea of fun is spending the day reading the bible, talking about God and eating yummy food. Actually, that's not so much interesting anymore as it is obvious. I mean who doesn't love yummy food!? 

And speaking of yummy food, I ended up purchasing a vegetable spiralizer so I could finally make zucchini noodles! And yes that was on my foodie bucket list!...

"Zucchini noodles" 

So I have survived the yummy-ness of Shavuot. And I have this lovely selfie of me to give you...

"I ate a lot of bread"

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)