Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Originals - the latest Andrea obsession

So in an effort for me to still be connected to this Earth, I split my free time between scripture study and binge watching shows on Netflix. Although, right now it is binge watching Shomi. And yes, I have both streaming services and no tv...please don't judge me, as even though I binge watch tv I am still quite selective of the shows I choose to watch.

And interestingly enough, it turns out my tastes haven't changed much since I've started studying the Bible, if anything my somewhat questionable tastes in media content make a bit more sense. For example, I'm still drawn to my superhero/comic genres; what can I say I've always enjoyed characters birthed out of trauma and yet still manage to maintain a moral compass. And am still a fan of my zombies (not surprising at all given my love for the Zombie Jesus) and of course my vampires.

And this brings us to my latest vampire show obsession: The Originals. Already showing season 3 on Shomi, I have finally decided to get around to watching it. I held off because the show is a spin off from The Vampire Diaries, which I love; however, The Originals is based on a character named Klaus, who honestly wasn't that appealing to me at first. Without getting too much into the character of Klaus, especially for those who really don't like this vampire supernatural stuff but basically Klaus is a vampire/werewolf who is tyrannical, abusive, murderous and kind of insane and not in the fun sexy way. Him and his siblings are original vampires (hence the series name), meaning all vampires can trace their lineage back to them. So yeah...the show is kind of like Creation mythology but told with vampires...kind of cool, I know!

So despite the show being of questionable value, it was based on a show I liked and seemed to have some potential parallels to this book I was currently studying, and The Walking Dead's next season wouldn't be on Netflix until September and so I figured I would give it a shot.

Turns out it's not bad at all. First off, it's based in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, so I get to experience the sights and sounds of that every time I watch it, and it's pretty bang on with replicating the sense of place of N.O. Secondly, the characters and plot is fairly engaging if you like dark, psychologically intense and morbid stories. I mean who doesn't love that?! And it's not just dark and morbid because it's vampires and stuff but because it deals with issues of abuse, family and redemption. After all one of the main characters is Klaus, the result of a physically and emotionally abusive upbringing and instead of having an awesome therapist to help him through his issues he instead has spent the last 1,000 years with his siblings who are equally as damaged and messed up as him, although with different scars and coping mechanisms to deal with their past. Not sure if that is the best way to heal but we will see. Right now it is entertaining enough, and although a tad unconventional, it still manages to keep me grounded in the Word.

So for those of you that don't want to hear about my Bible studies but for some reason still insist on wanting to connect with me on some level, you now have The Originals. So I guess that is a win for everyone.

Want to talk vampires?!

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