Sunday, July 10, 2016

weekly snapshot - imaginary fashion mag bio

Sometimes when I'm flipping through my fashion mags* I like to sit and meditate on the contributors section and imagine what I would put there instead...not that I have some huge dream to write for Vogue, I think this exercise is more about being spontaneous and creative, as well as just giving me an opportunity to think more about myself (because I just don't do enough of that!).

And just to quell any rumours that this post is really because I can't come up with anything else to write about this week (hello blog competition is still going here!!), it really is something I do when I read my monthly fashion reports, I'm trying to share with you! And yes, I really am that self-involved.

a.k.gregg (my pen name will be in some cool retro vintage punk font #justsaying)


Surprisingly the picture I will choose will not be a selfie but instead will be a picture of my bloody foot after one of my 3.5 hour training runs and my toe nails will be painted in metallic sliver. I feel the silver will complement the blood and bruising quite well actually, I feel my editors will agree.

Or I will use a picture where my feet are fully clothed!
Profession, location, what I contributed to the magazine: 

writer (obvs), island village located on this island in the NE Pacific Ocean (aka Victoria, B.C.), reports the Island Style Dispatch  found on page XXX (that's not page pornography but page 30 for those of you that don't speak Roman Numerals)

Some quote about my awesome experience working on this piece:

"writing about me and my opinions was like a dream, I'm really hilarious, best time ever!"

Hails from: Winnipeg, Manitoba (that city that is the Capital of that Canadian province that isn't Ontario or Quebec, yeah, that other province located on the other side of Ontario, and yes the country goes farther West than Ontario!)

Latest Discovery: essential oils to hydrate the skin, vegan mascara that works and that dude Jesus (so cool)

travel plans: right now, my only plans are to make daily pilgrimages to my patio, where I can lounge in the sun, sip tasty mocktails and hang out with my plants in the herb garden. It's summer in Victoria, everyone leaves town to go camping, can't imagine why I would want to be anywhere else.

playing on repeat: various Bethel music compilations on shuffle on my iPod nano (worship music is my new Ellie Goulding)

online fixation: Netflix/Shomi or whatever online streaming device that assists with my tv show binge watching (just finished Pretty Little Liars Season 6, and yes they are still pretty and stylish and still lying...)

compulsively reading: the Bible (seriously can't stop reading, I even have it on an app where I can read it while pretending to check my email)

mode of transport: my feet

secret skill: I can find a way to bring up my love for God in pretty much any conversation I have (even when I'm getting waxed!), I can also pretty much end any conversation I don't want to have by brining up my love for God

sartorial signature: fleur de lis necklace, 3-hole black doc martins and oversized sunglasses I wear during the day-rain or shine

or a more traditional photo for the bio...#selfie :)
*Special thanks to my September 2013 copy of NYLON for the inspiration for this post.

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