Sunday, September 11, 2016

September updates - doughnuts, Greek Tragedies & homeless cats

Fell off the grid there for a bit, unless you follow me on twitter, then you would have noticed I've been around (making delicious doughnuts apparently), just not blogging.
Tasty doughnuts I made.
And no @theCesspit did not win the blog competition. @theCesspit and I negotiated a "blogging cease fire". That is, we don't blog during fringe festival, when one/or both of us have a play in the festival. I feel this cease fire could apply to any festival that one or both of us is involved in...

I know you are wondering: Andrea had a fringe show and didn't tell us! Does she hate us?!

So before you start a riot over missing the most awesome fringe show EVER, I urge you to put down your smashed beer bottle, take a deep breath, and let me quell your worries.

I assure you, that if I had a fringe show, you would most certainly hear about it AND irregardless of my feelings towards you, I would expect you to come to my fringe show. 

But alas, it was not this great blogger who had the show, it was the other. Yes, @theCesspit had a show and I hear it was amazing. And yes I missed it. But not for lack of trying!

Which brings me to what my fringe show would be about if I were to have one.

Title of show: The Oddness of Jenny

Short Description: All Jenny wanted to do was see her BFF's one-person-show at the Marginal Theatre Festival. But the gods had other plans!

Basically the show will take the format of a greek tragedy.

The protagonist, Jenny, is the tragic hero of the piece. She is a good person who spends all her time looking after the poor and preforming miracles and such, kind of like a millennial/hipster version of Mother Theresa. Her fatal flaw is she puts others before herself all the time AND she doesn't always carry cash on her.

There will also be a Chorus, that sing and dance around the stage emphasizing all the key parts (for example, The Trial below)
Jenny feeding an orphan child
Plot will go something like this:

On the day Jenny goes to see her BFF's show she forgets that she donated all her cash that morning to one of her favourite charitable organizations, the cat sanctuary (a shelter for homeless cats) and neglects to get more cash from the bank machine before she heads off to the show.
Cat Jenny cares for at the Cat Sanctuary
She decides to walk to the show (Jenny is also an environmentalist), which just happens to be tucked away (5 miles uphill) in some upscale neighbourhood that has it's own theatre but no bank machines. When Jenny gets to the show the ticket holders won't let her in because she doesn't have cash and they don't take credit.

Jenny is sad she is going to miss her friend's show and a back and forth happens with Jenny and the Festival goers (played by the Chorus). This part will be the climax, which we will call The Trial, and it will deal with the banking institutions, our debt ridden society, credit cards being evil and hippies only using cash, as well as some anti-technology rants etc. etc. (this part will be fleshed out a bit but I'm thinking there will be some good marxist rant stuff in there).

The Trial ends, the Festival goers decide Jenny is an evil person because she doesn't carry cash and they mob and kill her.

The End
The Chorus in agony that Jenny doesn't have cash!
Not sure if Greek Tragedies have explicit morals to them but if this one did it would clearly be "those that don't carry cash at all times will die by the hands of some hippies".

Awesome right! I will let you know when it comes to a festival near you and you better have cash or they might not let you in!!

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