Saturday, December 24, 2016

A quick update as we close out 2016

Hello faithful readers,
Apologies for not writing since September; however, you may have guessed that I did in fact win the blogging competition against @TheCesspit. Yes it was a glorious victory in which I celebrated by not writing in my blog for the past 3 months. A strange occurrence for the writer in me. But was feeling the need for a wee break from the public writing seeing as I had been going strong since December 2013. A long time in deed to keep up with the posting, when there is no coherent theme to my blogging other than it being random stuff in my head.

I suppose I could argue that the coherent theme to my blog is the randomness of the writing.

That all being said, next year will bring a new blogging challenge (apparently @TheCesspit likes having his ass handed to him) a challenge that at first sounded like it had some structure and consistency, except on closer examination it will be just as random as it has always been.

The challenge this time around is for me to try 25 new things in 2017 and write about my experiences every other week. 20 will be my choice and 5 will be suggested by others and vetted through @TheCesspit and my lovely friend J (you may remember J from such famous blog posts of mine as: where we find the answer as to what one should do if they ever meet their doppelganger and where we determine what my stereotype is and my personal favourite where we debate the merits of cannibalism cafe style.)

I'm up against @TheCesspit again only of course he writing about 25 new places to eat/experience around #YYJ. Should be fun and if not at the very least it gets me in the habit of writing again. Because let's face it, this challenge will probably be the opposite of fun for me, after all I am the gal who likes to hang out at home and read a book on a Friday night...alone.

So first up for me is to try something new in Palm Springs. So if you have any suggestions send them this way. And mark it down in your calendars lovely readers, as the first post of 2017 will be happening Sunday, January 8th before the chime of midnight, as per the rules of the competition.

Until then I will be resting up and trying to come up with some "new" experiences to try that won't totally destroy the introvert in me. Wish me luck, I may need it!

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  1. Visit Miniature World
    Go out to see a live band at Sugar.