Sunday, February 25, 2018

02-25-2018 update

So today I came across this article/video in the Huff Post on the key to connecting with others is in sharing the mundane details of your life, which after watching I realized is just more evidence to support that my blog writing is an excellent tool for connecting with others without me having to leave my condo and actually talk to real people. Good news for the introverts. 

The week that just past is a blur like every other week for me and the only real way to remember what I did over the past 7 days is to go back and examine by iPhone calendar and text messages and any tweets I may have sent out and try to see if anything flags my memory, it's like Momento over here except without all the tattoos, murder, and intrigue. 

So after last week's stellar blog post came Monday, which apparently according to my iPhone, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. Not nearly as memorable today as it was 7 days ago but nonetheless I do recall it happening. Outcome of meeting: Still depressed but making good progress. How do we know I'm making good progress? Well I'm alive. Yay. 

Tuesday was my parents 47th anniversary, a huge accomplishment I would say being together longer than I have been alive...such a long time. These are the people you want to thank for creating me. A miracle indeed. How did I celebrate this momentous occasion? A text message, that is how. And before you get all "I'm a horrible daughter" about that, I will have you know that it was a beautifully crafted and heartfelt text message with adorable emoticons. So there. Plus we are saving the big exciting celebratory stuff for the 50th, because that's what humans do, go big on the 1/4 bicentennials. 

Also best part about Tuesdays is the bible study I go to every week. Harmony of the Gospels, a study of the 4 Gospels concurrently from a Jewish perspective.  What is that you ask, my atheist reader friends (read: Russians)? Well there are 4 Gospels, written by 4 different people who outline Jesus's ministry from four different perspectives. Reading them in silos just doesn't do Jesus justice, there is so much that is lost from not studying the different passages and perspectives around the same events. Also Jesus was Jewish (no he wasn't Christian, Christians are the people who follow Christ Jesus) so understanding the Jewish religion and culture is kind of paramount to understanding the ministry of Jesus I would say. Anyways, Tuesday nights are the highlight of my week. So if you feel like joining me for some bible study, you can find me here at the Christian Book & Music Store in Victoria every Tuesday starting at 7pm. Here is a link to their website: I would love to see you there, I will be the one ordering extra strong Americanos at the coffee bar and perusing the Catholic gift section of the bookstore because I really like pictures of saints and angels. I know I'm not Catholic, but I really like their rituals, I think it has something to do with being depressed and needing a routine to keep me grounded and out of my head with all its negative thought spirals. 

Moving on...Wednesday. Well Wednesday it snowed, yet I still decided to willingly socialize with my work colleagues after work hours at a place called Sult Pierogi Bar. I went mostly for the pierogi poutine but did in fact enjoy myself so much as I got to engage in many lively debates about whether or not Nicolas Cage is the best actor ever (I first thought no and then remembered Adaptation-best movie ever and Nicolas Cage plays twins in it!!) and the origin of the character Machete from the movie Machete (turns out the answer is Spy Kids, a children's movie, which is only moderately disturbing to learn about). So fun times all around, so much fun that by the time I got home later that night I had lost my voice.   

Thursday sucked because I couldn't talk and it turns out, I really love talking. True story.

Friday sucked less because I had the day off and got to stay home and not talk to people because I couldn't talk and also because now that I don't have Netflix I had some novels to read. So I did that. No one can really say you are anti-social when you don't have a voice.

Saturday I did a lot of writing, none of which was this blog post. 

Sunday watched church online because if I went to church I knew I would sing and then my voice would never get better! And I went and saw the movie Annihilation. A sci-fi movie with Natalie Portman about--spoiler alert--an alien life force "trying" to wipe out the humans...maybe. It's the first movie of a trilogy based on books (yay!) and I'm not really sure we are supposed to know exactly what is going on but what I do know is that i wanted to watch a movie with a bunch of women doing things that we would typically have men doing and it turns out, it made no difference to the movie whatsoever. Because it turns out women can do what men do and we are allowed to vote too. 

Signing out. Until next week.

Wednesday snow #BCSTORM


  1. That sounds like a pretty productive week. It’s always interesting when we lose something we take for granted. A new appreciation blooms.

  2. when I first read this I was thinking you were referring to me losing my Netflix, then realized of course you were referring to my voice lol