Sunday, February 18, 2018

2018 update of things to come

Apologies readers, I've been off the blog writing for over a year with no real reason for my lack of presence other than "I felt I had nothing of real substance to say." Laughable I know. I fully acknowledge that I'm not my generation's most brilliant mind, who in a delusion of charity-mindedness decided to grace the world with her presence by writing a blog on a weekly basis. Alter-ego aside. I am however, apologetic for not keeping up with the writing on a semi-regular basis. After all I have heard that some of my readers have missed my blog writing.

Three readers I can think of off the top of my head have told me they miss my writing in the past month, oh and I did get an email from our favourite blog competitor Chris suggesting we get back into the writing, kind of like the good old days, except there will be no competition and no dinner out for the winner (me) afterwards. Presumably because there will be no "afterwards" because the blog writing will never cease. It was a beautiful proposition, which of course I gave lip service to at the time.

Well, some time has passed since then and things have changed considerably enough in my life that I actually think I can resume the blog writing (for reals) on a somewhat regular basis.

Top 5 changes in the past month that make me think I can commit to blogging again:

1. The season of Lent is upon us and I gave up all entertainment streaming services for the next 40 days. Yes that means no Netflix and no Crave TV until Easter... 

2. Depression. Yeah it's winter and I'm down, no big shocker there but one thing i know helps with my depression is regular blog writing.The original blog competition started with Advent 2013 to help keep me in a routine to fight my depression. It worked then, so I really should implement this strategy now. Preventative medicine.

3. Did I mention the fast from Netflix AND Crave TV?!?!

4. I miss writing my thoughts down instead of just having them circulate through my head. Thoughts circulating through my head is kind of exhausting. As well, there is something very therapeutic about the writing it out (see #2) and this writing out my thoughts also lets me share with my readers, who miss me and apparently cannot read my mind.

5. I need a writing routine. I want to write more and I need to make writing routine (again). So part of the writing routine will be establishing weekly blogs again. Deadline: Sunday by midnight. No competition, just me writing for myself and my readers & Chris & the Russians.

Me not blog writing but at least I'm out of the house!