Sunday, March 4, 2018

Doing things you put off - feels so good (03-04-2018 update)

It was not hard for me to remember what I did this past week as I have adopted a new addiction and everyday has been full of that. I must say I'm using the term addiction very loosely here, as really I have just stumbled upon something that I'm very passionate about. So yes, not a real addiction, like my kale addiction, where I have a mini-meltdown if I don't know when my next meal of kale will be coming from.

If for some reason you are not into reading a cute and adorable Andrea adventure this week and would rather read something more real, like my struggles with addiction, I invite you to click here and check out some previous blog posts of mine on the addictions thread. If not, keep on reading.

So this past week I started a 10 week intensive course on how to build websites from scratch. Why did I do this? Well it wasn't to obtain a new skill set so I could go in a different career path, although that does sound really awesome. It was more because I felt (or I have been feeling for some time now) that it would be really good for me to learn how to do this.

To a normal earth based person that doesn't make a lot of sense. But for me, it is pretty much par for the course. Sometimes I just feel like doing things. And not in a spontaneous way but more in I will feel like doing something for 10 years and then decide to finally do it. Ten years is about the time limit I give myself for doing things that I don't get around to doing immediately because they don't make rational sense to do them in the first place. Let's just say if God chose me instead of Moses, the exodus from Egypt would have been delayed by at least 10 years.

So this week was filled with not one but two experiences that I have been wanting to do for about 10 years and have never really gotten around to doing them.

First - learn how to build a website
Second - volunteer in a residential care home

Yes, the second one is not a typo. So this past week I had my residential care volunteer interview where I got to discuss my long-standing desire to volunteer in a residential care home and be around older people. The home I interviewed with is faith based and it that serves all faiths and those without, so I felt it would be a good fit for me (as I do not believe in forcing my faith on others). Also, I got to talk about my love for Jesus in the interview and that was just super cool, as I can't say that has ever happened to me before. Although in all fairness, now that I have been baptized I feel it may happen more frequently, it's kind of hard not to talk about my faith. As this blog is illustrating quite nicely at the moment!

Anyways, will keep you posted on the latter, as that won't start up for awhile. But the coding on the other hand is in full swing. Basically just doing online classes and coding and forgetting to go to bed on time! It is true, I'm a tad into the coding right now. Maybe that will be a fleeting fancy or maybe this is the setting the foundation for something more. Regardless, I do think it would be cool to build my own website, even if it is just to continue my blog writing from it!

I'm curious is there something you have been wanting to do for awhile and have not got around to doing? Maybe now is the time, even if it doesn't make any rationale sense. I know I feel pretty good about the past week even though I have no real world tangible explanation for any of it. I know for me, I like to make sense of my world but truthfully I have wasted a lot of time & energy trying to make sense of things that may never make sense.

I think this week was an exercise in faith, as it was much easier to just take the next step and not worry about where it would lead, as the path will eventually reveal itself. I don't need to know everything and I don't need to know the reasons for every little thing I do. This week has been freeing to just trust in God and know it will all work out the way it is meant to.

Until next week, go do something you have been putting off and then tell me about it!

Profile picture for my website course!

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