Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Musings (04-01-2018 update)

It's 10:00pm Sunday night and I'm writing this blog post because I said I would write weekly and I feel disappointed in myself when I don't live up to the high standards I set for myself. Thankfully, I did not promise to write well-written weekly blog posts, so this mediocre one will suffice.

It's been a busy week my friends. Being sick for two of the days put a serious dent in my productivity so naturally i had to overcompensate during the days I felt better, like staying at work until 7pm. Because overcompensating and overextending myself was probably what made me sick in the first place? Nonsense. I agree.

Moving on.

This week was considered holy week in the Catholic Church so I figured I should check that out, seeing as Catholicism is the next step in my faith journey. Honestly readers, it was pretty incredible. I find the ritual, the ambiance of the church very in line with my ideas of what worship should be. I love contemplative prayer, i love entering a space and knowing this is where I worship. These are the places I feel God. And this Easter I definitely had an encounter with God. Which for those of you who have been graced with this experience know how incredible that is. It is really hard to put into words. Ecstatic. There is a word we could use.

I could try writing a poem to describe the God encounter...sure let's give that a shot. Remember Andrea poems are not real poems, so just chill out you literary snobs reading this blog!

What it feels like to encounter God

When God speaks,
he doesn't use a voice as you and I understand it.
I call his dialect, more like an overcoming,
filling up your body,
impressions left in the skin,
tattoo ink of the soul.
Reverberations of the flesh. 

When God speaks,
you hear him on all sensory levels-
tingeling extremities,
gooseflesh layered forearms,
bones shake,
the stomach turns with nervous excitement,
a warmth rises with the knowing
...this presence
...this voice
understands you and loves you.

We all know there is no better feeling in the world to know you are loved,
to know your life has purpose and meaning.

And that my readers is how I would describe the God encounter.

One word: love.

Poem done.

Anyways, the God encounter kept me up all night, because when God speaks you listen and you obey. For me, that involved a lot of writing and researching.  So lots of notes I'm still sorting through and I presume I will share with you at some point, if for no other reason I have nothing else to blog about on a particular Sunday. You're welcome in advance.

Until then...good night and Happy Easter.

Easter dinner w/ kale!!

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