Sunday, April 8, 2018

you have been served (04-08-2018 update)

Dawn breaks on Fort Street.

This was another week that reminded me of how sticky the tension is for me to be rooted in the earth with a soul that yearns for heaven. I have displayed little self-control when it came to bible study, as in the majority of my free time has been spent reading about the tales and autobiography of Teresa of Avila and reading theology. Yes, my other earth priorities were met (exceptionally well) but only at the expense of a good night's sleep. 

Oh how I want to simply wake up meditate and pray and be in the presence of God all day long without the constant noise of the world around me.

Perhaps this simple and concise blog post can be considered me putting the world on notice, that the path before me is likely going to lead me to a convent. 2-3 years from now when I sell all my things and move to a monastery in Italy, do not be shocked because I will just direct you to this blog post and tell you "told you so."

Until next week, may we all get more sleep xo

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